How can one get an internship at Schneider Electric, being an undergraduate electrical engineer?

Wow, someone finally said something about Schneider Electric. I liked both answers, but that is not what the question was asking. This is the late answer, but I’m sorry. This is not the kind of start that will change your life forever. It is true, but it is not a bad beginning. It doesn’t matter what type of start you get as an UG student in electric.

Let me not be cryptic, but I will be direct here. You can find the best people to apply for internships on linkedin by searching “HR Business Partner”. All Schneider businesses now have a single or a team of individuals that handle the hiring. These people are extremely responsive and helpful. You can contact them by sharing your linkedin profile, duration and expectations for the internship. You should tell them that you are interested in learning and that you will be leaving within the given amount of time. If your profile matches, you will be contacted by telephonic interview and then invited to a personal interview round. (Mine took 4-5 hours.) The interviewer will send an email to you with the results.

You can always approach the company with an open mind. Don’t let negative comments about it affect your decision. It doesn’t matter how true it is. You make the decision.


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