How do I identify electricity theft by looking at the electric meter?

There are a variety of methods for doing electricity theft.Out of these, methods that utilize the latest technology of digital or electronic energy meters are readily detectable.For instance,

i. The consumer could try to place magnets near the meter , expecting that it is an older electro-mechanical device, and thus altering the disc’s rotation.Whereas it is an electronic or digital energy meters, there’s the possibility of the detection of magnets (sensor) within the meter. If it detects it will reflect in the display , displaying the meter as ” Magnetic Tamper”.
ii. Consumers may also attempt to create Tampers by wiring in reverse, by obstructing the connections, etc. Every single occasion of testing to alter the meter is detected , and is displayed with the name of the tamper as well as the date and time stamp of the date and time the event occurred.

In short, all companies that make meters attempt to design the energy meter as an tamper proof.i.e. it is safe from theft of power.

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