How do I produce free electricity?

Because I have already answered this question many times, I will keep it short.

  1. Many people mistakenly believe they understand the laws and that the laws on thermodynamics can’t be broken. However, this doesn’t consider that energy can come form other places than the physical realm. Thermodynamics laws are only applicable in the physical realm.
  2. People don’t believe competition can be overcome between companies. They divide and conquer people. When people have the illusion of multiple options, they lose focus on the reality.
  3. Some people believe that their governments are honest and would not participate in any grand conspiracy like this…Hmm…wtf?
  4. The essence and design of free energy devices is also revealed. Science is currently a political game. It is possible to make money by maintaining the status quo in this area alone.
  5. Since the beginning of industry, there has been a quadrillion-dollar industry. This includes every major fuel source. It has been worth quadrillions of dollars, but that is just by us small people. The 1% that have been there since the beginning are still the same 1%. It’s actually closer to 0.1%, if not.
  6. It’s not 70, it’s more 110 years. But that’s just pedantics. Patents cannot be granted for more than 60% efficiency by the patent office. And, as far as I can recall, it has blacklisted over 5000 inventions that are higher than this level since its opening.

Although it is mostly money and power that keep it quiet, it doesn’t stop the world from moving. It keeps corruption alive, especially in those who are wealthy.


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