How do small islands get electricity?

There are many small, populated islands in Indonesia. It is difficult to provide electricity to these islands as most of the power generators are located on the main Islands. Also, it is expensive to build an extensive network of electricity cables that can reach all remote islands.

This is how Indonesian Electricity State Company, (PLN), provides electricity to remote islands in Indonesia

PLN has leased four Turkish power generator ships, which can produce 120 MW electricity. It would also build similar ships in Indonesia.

PLN has determined that building floating power generator ships is more efficient for an island country like Indonesia.

Remote Islands – Supply of power generators

Since many small Islands in Indonesia don’t have paved roads, transporting power generators become challenging task.

Encourage locals to build simple hydroelectric generators

Since water source is not a problem in Indonesia ( fact is, Indonesian is surrounded by waters ) many simple Hydro Electric Generators have been built in remote islands.

Locals are not content with waiting for PLN to supply electricity, so they decide to build their own generator.

A villager uses Coal Gasification technique to generate electricity to turn on power generator.


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