How good are electric scooters?

Reason I bought a Xiaomi MI electric scooter is because I live in a poor area in a small city. There is no subway in the area, and traffic jams are common in urban areas. You will have to wait for the bus for quite some time and there are fewer shifts during the night.

So I need to find a solution for my travel issues. A new, unopened Mi’s electric skating board was on sale at the local internet over the last few weeks. The electric skateboard can be easily carried on the floor of my apartment, since I don’t have an elevator. I choose to purchase this one.


The appearance of the product in its folded state: box of the product The matte shell looks beautiful and has a simple design. The pedal’s bottom has the battery case. The center of gravity is lower than the comparable product with the battery case at the top. It is also more difficult to tilt forward because the emergency brake.

The 8.5-inch inflatable tires are stable and solid. The pedal support angle is perfect. The charger parameters are input 100-240V, 2.0A output 42V -1.7A, and 80W maximum power. Side dimension drawing. The height of the charger is 49cm when folded. The chassis height is 9cm. The 14.3cm wide pedal can be used to place any person’s foot. However, the handle is 43cm long and cannot be folded. It takes up a lot of space when it is put into a car.

The bell’s wrench buckles the tab of the rear wheel cover when folded. It is a very subtle design. I don’t know if this design is durable enough for years usage.Tail light at night is very bright and maximum 45° steering range of the front is really llimited, and the steering is not very flexible. The speed must be slow down before turning.

An inflator equipped with a barometer was purchased to ensure sufficient tire pressure for testing.

Driving test from a friend

Performance: Before I release the data report, I want you to see the experiment condition. I’m 174cm tall and weigh 65kg. The weather is sunny and 32degC with a breeze of 0-1. Because I am not a professional enthusiast, the test results in this article are for information only. They cannot be considered as complete standard data. This article mostly uses four roads for personal testing: asphalt, cement road rubber road, rubber road and large smooth brick sidewalk. The final test results will be displayed without the need to go through any additional testing.

Speed Test

The speed test is mainly based upon the MI’s app’s real-time speed. The average value of two trails should be used. These are the results: This speed is sufficient for the city.

Battery Life

The test was conducted on four different roads (as there is no road that is too long to support me driving so far). Driving distances are recorded in real-time in the MI App and Mi’s Movement APP. To make it more precise, I use a third party map APP. My feet feel numb after a few hours of continuous driving. The test results are below.

As you can see, the official 30km battery life is impossible to reach in real-life use. However, it is possible to get as far as 20 km. If the road conditions are good and the tires have enough pressure, 22km is possible. It is possible to travel around the city with the battery’s performance. The actual driving distance will depend on many factors, including weight, temperature and wind speed. These conditions are discussed at the beginning.

Charging Speed

The device must be open with Bluetooth to perform the charging test. This makes it possible to view real-time data from any time. The reading interval is extremely long because I’m lazy. It is not a coincidence that the charging test takes exactly 300 minutes (5 hrs)

The charging speed drops by 50% to 60% during the 50-60% period. It is comparable to 90-100%. It is possible that the double row arrangement of the batteries may be a factor. I hope someone can help me.

Braking Distance

The brake distance test is performed in four road conditions. It can be done in one of 4 modes. In the power saving mode, the speed is 19km/h and in the normal mode it is 25km/h. It is impossible to record the speed of the stall sliding until it drops to 0 km/h because of the inertia. The speed of the free-sliding was reduced to 2 km/h. This is because people can stop with one foot. The vehicle will stop at 0 km/h for manual braking before recording. These are the test results

The distance for naturally stalling or slowing down is around 20m in power saving mode, while it can be up to 30m in normal mode. The sudden braking distance can be controlled at around 5-6m thanks to energy recovery, front wheel magnetic brake and rear wheel disc brake. The asphalt road has a shorter distance for sudden braking and excellent brake control.

Other founctions

1. Climbing up a slope. A short slope at 10 degrees, one to two hundred metres in length, can be overcome using power-saving mode. However, it will slowly slow down and eventually stop on a steeper or longer slope.

2. My personal opinion is that the bumping sensation can be categorized as: Rubber Road > Asphalt Road> Smooth Sidewalk> Cement Road

3. Combining the above data (speed, battery life, distance to braking, etc.) can be helpful. The rank of a suitable roadway (highest to lowest) is rubber road > asphalt roads > smooth sidewalks > cement roads

4. Night illumination distance: The illumination distance can be up to 5 meters in front the device. This is enough to allow for night-time city travel. To ensure night travel safety, the nighttime rear lights may also be turned on continuously.

5. It is important to mention the Bluetooth connection. The app is great and many functions are useful, but there is a significant disconnection problem. Disconnection can be caused by running the Mi app in backstage. It should be used in front.

6. The lock function is available in the app. The device will lock automatically when it is locked. A massive resistance can push the machine to a stop, and a dripping sound will also be heard. It’s a form of anti-theft, which I love a lot.


1. Bluetooth connections are easy to break. You cannot record data on the backstage.

2. This tire is not durable. Not durable.

3. It is larger than a comparable product. The handle cannot be folded and takes up much space.

4. The steering is rigid and has a small front swing angle. Pay more attention to the corners and slow down when you approach them.

5. Less accurate distance display. Actual battery life is only 20 km.

6. It is a terrible design and will make you feel sick if you try to press the throttle handle with your thumb.

7. It cannot work when it rains, according to the official statement


1. Fashion design and good shape. The fold is smooth and firm. The car weighs in at 12 kg.

2. It attracts a lot of attention.

3. The emergency brakes work exceptionally well and can even stop at 4m on asphalt roads.

4. Although the distance to the night light is not sufficient, the rear light is bright enough and humanized. The reflective strip at the side provides additional safety.

5. Android comes with a lock function. To lock the rear wheel, you will need a chain lock.

6. Because the vehicle’s center gravity is low, it makes it easier to maintain balance in all conditions.

The Xiaomi MI electric scooter is still a great buy. The scooter’s simple and stylish design will help you attract attention from others. It folds easily and can accelerate at sufficient speed. It’s also easy to use, simply grab it and go. You may be concerned that driving for long periods of time can cause fatigue in your legs. It is ideal for those who travel short distances.

Thank you for reading. You can find more buying guides at Tips, Buying Guides and How-to Advice for buying high quality products


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