How to Acquire Urban Development Corporation (UDC) Land In Jamaica

Acquire Urban Development Corporation (UDC) Land In Jamaica By Online

Application In Person

  1. If you want to buy or lease land from the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) You must complete an application to UDC office. UDC office. You can access their contact information as well as their maps of their locations by clicking this link: Link
  2. In order to submit an uninvited application or expression of Interest (EOI) in the UDC for an item that hasn’t yet been announced, ensure you’ve got a concept or plan created from which you can extract the details you’ll have to include as element of your proposal
  3. Send a request letter directly to the Director of Operations of the UDC in which you request to buy ou lease.The letter should include:
    • The goal of making use of the land
    • The contact details of the person/s who submitted the request.
    • A buy-off offer to purchase the land
  4. Include all necessary documents required to complete the application form. After that, visit UDC office UDC office to hand in the application completely at the desk of service or submit the application electronically via their email address.
  5. After you have received the UDC is received with your request for the uninvited proposal for the purchase of land or lease they review your request and determine whether the property is to lease or purchase
  6. In the event that the home is for sale They will conduct an evaluation of the property in order to find the current market price of the property. They can accomplish this via an external property valuation service.
  7. After valuation, they will promote the property in newspaper and via the site of the UDC for bidding on public auction or tender
  8. Then, you will be asked to make a proposal based on the advertisements
  9. The UDC will review and accept the tender or bid you’ve made and after they’ve completed their evaluation of the bid according to the plan for development, they will ensure the maximum and most effective utilization of the property as well as its cost.
  10. They will then transmit their award recommendations to the ministry responsible for it as well as other relevant authorities to make a decision and for approval
  11. Once after the UDC confirms that the situation is correct, an agreement of Lease or Sale will be prepared and mailed out to you for to sign.
  12. You’ll need to go to the UDC to get a copy of the signed Agreement which is legally binding for all parties.

Documents that are required

  • Request letter
  • Valid identification documents
  • TRN
  • TCC
  • All documents required from the UDC

Office Locations and Contacts

Urban Development Corporation-Main Office
12. Ocean Boulevard,
Kingston Mall,
Jamaica W.I.
Telephone: (876)-656-8031
Telefax: (876)-922-9326
Website: Link

Montego Bay, St. James
42 Fort Street.
Telephone: (876) 656-9290
Telefax: (876) 971-7001

Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Ocean Village Shopping Centre.
Telephone: (876) 974-5015
Telefax: (876) 974-2731

Negril, Westmoreland
Norman Manley Boulevard.
Telephone: (876) 957-5260/3159
Telefax: (876) 957-9830

Contact Information: Link


  • Companies and individuals who want to acquire crown land via the UDC are qualified


  • There is no charge for you submit your application to be processed


  • A property sold remains valid for a lifetime unless it is sold to another buyer, while the lease property will be valid until the period stipulated in the lease agreement.

Processing Time

  • A lease or Purchase can take 18 months to process after the when you submit your application.
  • The Private Treaty will be processed within ten working days following the UDC’s Board approval.


  • If your application isn’t accepted, you may submit a new application and follow the same process for new applications

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • The type of tenure
  • Information about the property
  • Property location
  • Current use
  • Payment plan
  • Proposed use
  • Declaration

Documentation is needed

  • The UDC will issue you with documents that UDC confirm that you have purchased the property legally by way of lease or sale

External Links

  • Jamaican Govt: Link



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