How to Apply for a Building Permit for Warehouse In Benin

Apply for a Building Permit for Warehouse In Benin By Online

  1. The first step is to visit an accredited Architect office. Click here to see the list of certified architects’ contact details. Click here and then present the copy of the title to the land as well as any title deeds for the plot that needs to be verified by the architect. They will then discuss the projects you’d like to do.
  2. How to Apply for a Building Permit for Warehouse In Benin
    How to Apply for a Building Permit for Warehouse In Benin
  3. The architect will then create an estimate of the various costs that you would have to pay for i.e. If you accept the services rendered, an agreement is made between you and the architect. An Architectural plan is then provided to you.
  4. The architect then calls the laboratory for soil studies and provide the guidelines for the task that the client wants to accomplish. The manager of the laboratory study makes proposals for the different tests to be carried out and determines an estimate or quote of the study.
  5. When you have paid the invoice receipt, or you/architect the receipt for laboratory payments the accounting representative will transmit the data for the study’s soil manager. The soil study manager will then contact the architect to arrange the visit to the construction site in order to take soil samples in 4-7 days.
  6. The soil scientist will then arrange a visit to the location in which the proposed construction is planned to be constructed along with the architect. He supervises his team for the various tests carried out on the site, and records the results and takes samples for analysis in the laboratory.
  7. The architect/architect will get an soil report in 4-15 business days in response to the lab payment receipt.
  8. The architect goes to the civil engineer’s office, presenting the report on the soil survey and the Architectural plan. They negotiate direct with civil engineers regarding the execution of the different technical plans and calculations that need to be completed within the framework of the building for the building of the warehouse.
  9. The architect will have to wait between 10 and 15 days for the technical plans file . It contains the following plans{ : the detailed plan of the electrical plan the foundation plan the plumbing plan, carpentry design and the coat plan. Etc.} which will enable the building of the warehouse with the help of an engineer’s perspective.
  10. The architect is then directed into The Direction of the National Fire Brigade Group office Prevention department and submit the technical file which consists of the descriptive estimate as well as the architectural plans (level section, plan and views of facades, etc.) to be reviewed by the prevention officer . Then, the architect is issued the Received GNSP slip.
  11. The architect will have to wait between 7 and 15 days in order to receive the fire and safety report against the Received “GNSP” slip issued by the head of the prevention office.
  12. the architect or you should take the necessary steps to go for the Cotonou Town Hall One-Stop Shop for building permits. You must then show your to the agent in charge to verify the information and will then determine the amount that needs that must be settled, and draws the bill of payment and then returns the document.
  13. Youor your architect must then go to the Recipe view of the bride, the town hall’s cotonous collection office and make a payment on the receipt for payment you received at the One-Stop Store for building permits. You will then be able to obtain an official receipt from the public Treasury.
  14. The architect or you should return for your local Cotonou Town Hall, One-Stop Shop for the building permit unit, Studies and Building Permit Delivery Division office. Present your and the person in charge of processing. You will then receive the Deposit Receipt, also known as GUPC.
  15. Architectural or construction company must wait for up to 5-15 days in order for the warehouse building permit based on the Deposit Receipt (GUPC) and national identity card.

Required Documents  For Apply for a Building Permit for Warehouse

  • Valid identification document
  • Land title deeds as well as any title document that pertains to the parcel (notarial deed and resettlement certificate)
  • A quotation from the soil sample
  • Soil survey report
  • Architectural plan
  • Technical plans.
  • Technical file (architect)
  • Fire and safety report
  • Joint ownership agreements (if is applicable) i.e. If the building is located on a wall that is less than 3 meters from the wall of
  • Receipt of the public Treasury.

Office Locations and Contacts

Rue des Batisseurs, Cotonou 01
BP 1981
Tel: +229 91 80 00 17 / +229 94 98 95 95
Website: Link

List of Architectures that are Certified : Link

A list of soil research labs within Benin : Link

Cotonou 03 Address Cotonou 03
BP 1125
Telephone: +229 21 30 22 22 / +229 21 30 30 11

The head of the prevention office
Tel: +229 97 25 54 56

Address; Building opposite Radio Planete Gbegamey, Cotonou 02
BP 8071
Tel: +229 21 30 33 01

Address: Cotonou Benin 03
BP 1777 Cotonou
Telephone: +229 21 32 13 59

Director of Studies and Building Permit Delivery Division
Telephone: +229 97 33 28 76


  • Certified Architectures.

Requirements Information

  • Full name of the applicant/client
  • Contact details of the customer
  • The details of the structure
  • Information about the warehouse’s planned construction
  • The address and locality of the warehouse
  • Identification document details
  • The construction work will begin.

The Document is required

  • Building permits are the process that a public authority authorizes to a construction project accordance with the technical details and the legal and regulatory rules in force in area of urban planning. Therefore, any person who plans to build for any purpose must first get an authorization for building.
  • These steps outline the process of receiving a building permit for the construction of a warehouse with two floors and the area of construction will be around 1,300.6 cubic meters. Walls on each level will be three meters high.

Information that could be helpful

  • Decree No. 2014-205 of 13 03 2014 The regulation for the issuance of building permit within Benin, the Republic of Benin
  • Link

External Links

  • Benin Business Portal Link

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