How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cambodia

How To Apply for a Diplomatic Passport In Cambodia

  • If you’re interested in making an application for diplomatic travel begin by determining who is eligible to apply for this kind of passport. Also, learn about the criteria to be able to issue this passport.
  • If this information is obtained the applicant should assess his or her eligibility to determine if the passport is able to be issued to him/her;
  • If the person applying finds him suitable and is eligible, he/she can visit the passport office to obtain an the application form that he or she must fill out correctly.
  • After filling out, make a second duplicate of the completed form Attach copies of all the required documents and join both forms (original and duplicate) together.
  • After that, you must submit the application form to the passport officer , and sit while the passport officer reviews the applications.
  • Name and basic information are scrutinized to determine if information is uniform. If an inconsistency is discovered, the form will be returned for correction. If there isn’t any inconsistency then the applicant will be issued a tag that will allow them to move on to the next step.
  • Applications for forms (both original and copies) along with supporting documents must be sent to the passport officer in the office of passports.
  • The official goes through the application documents and then adds the stamp. When he inserts the stamp the official also writes an identifier on the stamp that the number signifies the counter where the applicant must proceed to.
  • So when documents are returned following stamping, take a look at the number stamped and visit the counter with the same number
  • At the counter at the counter, fingerprints of the applicant will be captured by scanning. After scanning, the scanner employee stamps the applicant’s papers and then give them back to the applicant.
  • The applicant will then proceed by paying for a passport photograph. After payment is made the photo official will sign a tick with pen on the applicant’s application forms.
  • The applicant then takes the documents to a photo booth which is assigned to him / his.
  • The designated photo booth is one with the number you were assigned prior to (same number that was used for the counter where prints were made);
  • In the photo booth Present the photo booth’s papers to the official, and the photo will be taken.
  • The official will then stamp the documents and after that, he or she will give them to the applicant.
  • The person who is applying for the job then has to go to the counter where photo printing is done where they submit the papers and wait for the photograph to be glued onto it by an employee.
  • Once the photo is pasted the applicant is then required to go to the interview area. The passport officers in this phase are able to ask the applicant some questions regarding the application form, and they require the applicant to give correct answers on the form. If the questions cannot be addressed correctly the applicant is asked to return to step one of the procedure.
  • If the applicant is successful at the interview, the documents are stamped and returned to the applicant for the next step.
  • The next step is the verification phase. In this stage the applicant must submit documents for the application and then waits for an official to check them.
  • After verification of documents after verification, the official signing them the documents and then returns them to the person who requested them to continue.
  • The applicant will then proceed to the measurement stage of the height. At this point, he is required to submit papers and awaits the official who measures height to announce his or his/her name. Then, measurements will be taken. The official will then stamp the documents and return them to the person who submitted them.
  • Take the forms to the counter, which has the same number as the one previously given (same number that was used at the counter where the fingerprints were collected) and present the form to the officer inside the room. Wait. The official will read the forms, sign and stamp them.

The applicant is then able to go to the passport office, and wait for the processing of the passport. then return at a later date to pick up the passport.

Documents Required Diplomatic Passport

  • 1.Proof of nationality, such as birth certificate or family book
  • 2.Proof of identity such as a driver’s license or national identity card. license
  • 3.Recent passport photo
  • 4.Appointment letters

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Ministry of the Interior (MOI)

Department of Statistics and Passports,

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Tel: (023 ) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142

2.Passport Office

Ta Ngov Village, Sangkat Niroth,

12357 Phnom Penh

Telephone: 012 909 789 / 012 853 800 / 011 779 000 / 012 854 874

What Are All The Eligibility

In order to apply for an Cambodian Diplomatic Passport the applicant must be an official of a Diplomat, Consult or a member of the staff of a diplomat or consult travelling for a foreign mission.


Map of Passport 12,000 Riel (approximately $4)


1.Initial validity period of three (3) years

2.Extension of the validity period of a passports is permitted twice per extension. for two (2) years

3.Whole validity is therefore as long as 7 (7) years

Processing Time

The time to process a request varies based on factors such as whether you submit your application via or through agencies, as well as the the amount of money deposited in addition to other factors.

It spans from One (1) (One) to sixty (60) days.


1.Applicant should be resident of the nation;

2.Applicant must be appointed to perform diplomatic work on behalf of the nation in a country that is not their own;

3.Always be sure to provide accurate and complete details;

4.During the process of applying, applicants must keep in mind the tag number that was initially given by the passport office since it is required during the entire application process.

5.If the passport is stolen the applicant must immediately report it to the authorities immediately.

6.Applicants who are less than 18 (18) years old must be accompanied by parents or guardians;

7.It is simpler to get an Cambodian passport by a broker

8.Brokers are passport officials or travel agents of tour operators;

9.If not required the diplomatic passport must be handed back to the passport’s issuing office.

The Information You Need

1.Name of the person applying

2.Nationality of the applicant

3.Sex and age of the applicant

4.Marital status;

5.Parents names and occupations

The Document is required Diplomatic Passport

A diplomatic passport issued in Cambodia is given to those who work in diplomatic capacities on behalf of the nation. The passports issued in Cambodia come from Cambodian consulates and embassies as well as those of the Ministry of Interior through the department of Statistics and Passports. Iherefore for the purpose of obtaining an official passport you must go to one of these offices.

Information that could be helpful

1.Diplomatic passports don’t imply visa-free travel. Like any other passport holder. diplomats must apply for a visa to be allowed to travel in a foreign country.

2.For the person who holds a passport for travel to any location they must make sure that the passport is valid for a duration of at least the period of six (6) months, which is beyond the duration of stay in the country.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.A passport is a document that identifies the person or the person who holds it as a citizen of the nation;

2.It is a valid document that can be used to identify a person;

3.It lets the holder take advantage of the advantages and thrills of international travel

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