How To Apply for a National Identity Card (ID) In Gabon

How To Apply for a National Identity Card (ID) In Gabon

What is the process to apply:

  • It is recommended to visit the Prefects and Subprefects office near you , and let them know of your desire.
  • The application form must be filled out that you can get from the above offices and attach the necessary documents below and send them to the office for verification and processing.
  • Your biometric data (finger print and photograph) will be then collected on the spot and you will receive the acknowledgement slip.
  • You must carry the acknowledgement slip when you go to take the ID card.

Documents Required National Identity Card (ID)

  • Affida a certified and legalized birth certificate that is in line with the original
  • Three (3) color ID photos
  • Copies of identification documents for parents
  • Copies of death certificate of parents, if they are deceased

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior for the Decentralization of Public Hygiene and Security:Address: Downtown Avenue de Cointet, BP, Libreville
Telephone:( (+241) 01771009/01760532
Website: Website

Agence Nationale des Infrastructure Numeriques et des Frequences, (ANINF):
Address: Cours Pasteur, Libreville, Gabon
BP.798 Libreville GABON
Telephone: (+241) 01 76 32 49/01 76 32 51/01 76 32 79
Website Website

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Gabon citizen and at the age of 16.


  • There are no fees associated with the service.


The validity of the identity card is for 10 years.

Requirements Information

  • Names of all applicants
  • Birthdate/place of birth
  • Name of parents
  • Background in education
  • Application deadline
  • The signature of the person applying

The Document is required National Identity Card (ID)

There are numerous situations in which you will need to prove who you really are. The identity card allows you to show this proof in a various ways.

  • Proving Age
  • Every day for identification purposes to police officers.
  • Accessing financial services e.g. opening an account at a bank.
  • Processing land transactions
  • Confirming the right to work.
  • The access to public services to the citizens to which they have a right to.
  • You must identify yourself as a citizen in the context of the voting.

The process of applying for an identity card

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(Ministry of Interior)

How To Apply for a National Identity Card (ID) In Gabon
How To Apply for a National Identity Card (ID) In Gabon




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