How To Apply for a new passport In Armenia

How To Apply for a new passport In Armenia

  • Fill out your application. Armenian police departments as well as those of the Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are authorized to accept passport applications.
  • Make sure the application be completed in both English as well as Armenian.
  • Photograph your passport. Two photos must be clearly displaying your face against neutral backgrounds
  • Complete your application by submitting proof of birth, passport photographs and notarized consent , or military documents.

Documents Required new passport

  • If it is applying for the first time we need evidence of citizenship like the initial birth certificate as well as an naturalization certificate.
  • Two 2″x 2″ (5×5 cm) passport photos showing the front view of the person applying against an unlit background.
  • Completed passport application form
  • DS-11 for adult applicants who are first-time (16 years old or more) and in cases where the passport was stolen or lost;
  • DS-11 for children who are less than 16 years old.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government House #2, Republic Square
Yerevan 0010,
Republic of Armenia
Tel: +374 60 620000,
Fax: +374 60 620062,

Diplomatic Missions of Armenia

How To Apply for a new passport In Armenia
How To Apply for a new passport In Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

The citizens of Armenia are eligible to obtain an Armenian passports.


USD 135


The validity of the passport is up to 10 years after the date it was issued, but is able to be extended for another five years.

Processing Time

Between four and five months.


If you are applying for a child less than 16 years old the parent must complete the application for the applicant on behalf of their child. When submitting the application the passport of the parent signing must be also submitted.

Applications for children who are under 16 years old will be accepted from the Visa Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Armenian police department will accept applications from people aged who are over the age of 16. The fingerprints of applicants are used to finish the application process.

The Information You Need

  • Applicant name
  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • IDs of parents
  • Address

Documentation is needed

Armenian Passports granted to Armenian citizens for travel beyond Armenia. They are also used to serve as evidence of identity in the country.
Anyone who is not able to present a propiska certification in Armenia is denied the right to a passport.If the citizen does not have a home address or location to register, then there are no rights as a citizen.

Information that can be useful

Passport renewal is a requirement to renew your passport using the same process in the previous.
The original Armenian passports were replaced by an identity card that could be used within the country, as well as an identity card to travel internationally.
Only passports that have a specific seal, known as”the exit permit seal on the fourth and final page, are acceptable for travel outside of Armenia

Other uses of the document/certificate

  • used to identify
  • Used for international travel
  • It is used to prove citizenship

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