How To Register a Business or Company In Australia

How To Register a Business or Company In Australia

Fill out and submit ASIC Application for Registration 201 Application to Register as an Australian Company; Receive an official certificate of incorporation as well as the Australian corporate number (ACN)

  • The applicant must complete and submit an ASIC Form ASIC Form 201 (Application for registration in the form of An Australian Company) as well as pay the required fee of AUD 400, to establish as a Pty Ltd company. Any person who is appointed director or secretary of the firm/company must first provide an official written consent for the appointment. Additionally, each shareholder of the company must sign a consent form to become a shareholder. At at least one director (and in the event that the company has secretaries appointed, at least one secretary) is required to reside in Australia. The company’s registered office must be registered with at least an Australian address. The business can create its own constitution or employ it in conjunction with the Replaceable Rules in the Corporations Act 2001. The applicant must verify whether the name is available for the name of the company/firm prior to lodging an application for registration. If no company or firm name is given the applicant will be identified exclusively by their Australian Company Identification Number (ACN).

Apply for an ABN through ABN with Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

  • In the wake of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 and the new taxes system (Goods and Tax on Services) act in 1999, the process has to be finished. The business or firm must meet different tax requirements, based on the circumstances of their location and:
    • The business or firm must register to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) through the issuance of an eleven-digit Australian Business Number (ABN) in the event that the annual business’s turnover is AUD$75,000 or more. The annual turnover of a company is the sum of its gross income from business (not profits). Firms or companies with a lower than a yearly turnover are also able to decide to sign up for Goods and Services Tax. An electronic application for an ABN may be uploaded at the Business Entry Point,
      How To Register a Business or Company In Australia
      How To Register a Business or Company In Australia

      . In other instances applications, they can be delivered in a in hardcopy in the direction of ATO (ATO). The applicant will receive an ABN when the online session is completed in the event that the application is successful. Furthermore the ATO will issue the ABN within 28 days after receiving the submission electronically.

    • The business is required to take tax deductions from wages of employees provide payment summaries and provide superannuation contributions to employees and report and make cash payments to ATO. Furthermore, businesses can sign up to Pay As You Go (PAYG) at the following website In other cases you can apply to the ATO through mail or by phone or by contacting the tax agent. Additionally, taxes on state and territories (e.g. taxes on stamps, tax for payroll and taxes on land) can be set with different requirements based on the the location of the company or firm.
    • Companies and firms are required to apply for an ABN in the event that they generate a annual turnover of AUD$75,000 or more. If businesses fail to meet the requirements, this can cause GST to be imposed on all sales made by the company at the time of registration. This is regardless of the cost of any product or service is not rounded up to include tax. Additionally, the business may be subject to penalty and interest charges on any outstanding payments in arrears.

Documents Required Register a Business or Company

  • The Constitution of the company’s Constitution;
  • Consent to serve as Director;
  • Consent to serve as Secretary;
  • Consent to be a Public Officer
  • Applications for shares;
  • Minutes of a meeting of Directors and
  • Share Certificates.

Office Locations and Contacts

Australia Securities Investment CommissionPO BOX 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre
Victoria 3841
1300 300 630: in Australia; Client Contact Centre.
+ 61 3 5177 3988: outside Australia.
Fax: (03) 5177 3999.
ASIC is represented in every state and territories.

The Register
Australian Business Register
PO Box 3373
Penrith, NSW, 2740
Contact Australian Business Register

Contacts to the Australian Taxation Office

What Are All The Eligibility

You may make an application for the Australian Business Number (ABN) AUSkey, ABN Tax registrations and AUSkey, as well as get an ABN that you had previously issued:

  • on the internet right now right now Australian Business Register
  • by filling out on a form To order the form, to complete the form, you’ll need the number
    • ABN Registration for individual traders (sole trader) (NAT 2938)
    • ABN registration for corporations partnership, trusts, trusts and other entities (NAT 2939)
  • by contacting your tax representative via your tax representative BAS agent.

Companies that are incorporated in Australia are registered (registered) by the Corporations Act, 2001. The Act is administered and supervised by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”).

A Australian business is typically formed as an Public Company or as a Proprietary Company. (There are also specialty companies that fall into these two categories, such as companies with a guarantee limited to associations, clubs, and charitable organizations, and no-liability mining companies, and legal, accounting , and Medical practice businesses).


  • A Public company with share capital of $457
  • 201B Public Company Limited by guarantee, $377
  • 201C Proprietary corporation (fee will depend on the class of company . Refer to Forms 201A & 201B) $457

Documents to Utilize

Application to register for An Australian company

Application to register in the form of the name of an Australian firm (Form Form 201)

Examples of Documents

Document Creating a company or business

Processing Time

Certain applications may require manual processing. This could take as long as 20 business days to process.

By using ASIC Connect, you can apply for registration of a company name and pay the fee for registration on the internet. The process can take between 15 and 20 minutes, and you’ll receive an instant confirmation that the application was submitted.


Within the Australian company number (ABN) application, you are able to apply for business registrations for different businesses. Making applications for additional registrations concurrently with your ABN will help you save time since certain details is already filled in for you.

Foreign entities might want to conduct business in Australia as a foreign corporation. In the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) sets out the rules that define foreign-owned companies as well as the rights that foreign companies have in Australia.

Like Australian companies, foreign businesses are required to register with ASIC. ASIC is responsible for the continuous oversight of foreign businesses.

Requirements Information

  • Types of entities, for instance, sole trader or individual or company, super fund
  • The previous Australian Business Number (ABN) look up ABN Lookup to see if you’re an current ABN owner
  • The tax agency number (TAN) If you use one
  • Name of entity in the legal form
  • The tax file number (TFN) the submission of TFNs are not required however, it can help us determine who you are and help speed up the process of applying for a tax refund.
  • All business locations have physical and postal addresses
  • Authorized contact details
  • The main business operation.

The Document is required Register a Business or Company

If you are deciding that a business structure for your business it is time to sign up as a corporation. One of the advantages of being a registered company is the possibility of registering as a business name. By registering a company name, you can enjoy the benefit of having exclusive rights to the name in Australia without the need to register in every state.

It is only possible to choose the name of a business that is not registered with a business or business. A special approval is required to use specific terms.

If your business conducts business under a different name to the name of your company registered You must then create a business name.

Information that can be useful

ABN (Australian business Number)

If you create a business you will receive An ACN (Australian Company Number). Once you have this ACN, you can request an ABN. When you apply with the Australian corporate number (ABN) the Australian Company Number (ACN) is used to generate your ABN. Your ABN is actually two check numbers which are then followed by the 9 existing numbers from your ACN.

The TFN (Tax Tax Filing Number)

An Australian firm has its own tax filing number (TFN) and will be distinct from your individual TFN.


GST (GST) is an all-encompassing tax of 10% on all items, services, and other goods that are consumed or sold in Australia. The registration for GST is mandatory for all businesses that generate more than $50,000 annually. After being certified for GST companies can charge GST on its products or services it offers as well as get back GST on expenses incurred by the company.

Once you have formed your company you can apply for an ABN, TFN and GST simultaneously by clicking here:Apply for [ ABN

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