How to Apply for a passport In Benin

Apply for a passport In Benin By Online

  1. The applicant is required to download form applications at the closest Beninese Embassy
  2. The applicant is then required to pay the Visa application fees.
  3. The applicant collects the necessary documents.
  4. The applicant will then book Book an appointment with the Embassy
  5. The applicant will then bring documents as well as Visa fee receipts on the day of the appointment.
  6. If they are satisfied, the staff at the consulate or the embassy will issue an Beninese tourist visa

Required Documents For Apply for a passport

  1. Copies of completed Visa application forms
  2. Copy of a confirmed round ticket.
  3. 2 recent passport photos (46).
  4. Documents that confirm that the applicant has had enough money to cover the cost of lodging in Benin;
  5. A passport that is valid should be valid for at minimum six months at the time the passport was issued. Benin.
  6. A certificate of insurance from any insurance company
  7. A letter of invitation from someone leaving Benin or a cover letter.
  8. Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration

Ministry of Interior, Public Security

BP 925



Tel: (229) 21 30 11 06/21 30 19 96/21 30 19 85

Fax: (229) 21 30 01 59



List of diplomatic missions in Berlin


  • Foreigners who travel to Benin to enjoy a trip for tourism.
  • Foreigners visiting relatives or family members in Benin;
  • Foreign researchers, professors, or scientists who are attending technological, cultural or scientific seminars, conferences or other meetings in Benin


Visa type Visa fees

  • One Entry Visa 50
  • Multiple entry visa valid for 6 months and 100


The Beninese Tourist single-entry Visa can be used for 3 months While the multi-entry Visa lasts for no longer than 12 months

Documents to Utilize


Processing Time

It can take between 3 and seven days in order to complete an application for a Beninesetourist Visa.


  • As per Benin department of immigration and migration, there are a number of requirements. Foreigners from many countries need the approval of a visa before they can enter into Benin.
  • It is recommended that the Benin Visa should be obtained by a foreign country of origin through an Beninese consulate or Embassy.
  • Visas for on-arrival to Benin is issued at a point of entry.
  • A visa on your passport doesn’t guarantee admission. It is the sole discretion of the officials who handle immigration in Benin.
  • You are able to make an application in person to an Benin foreign mission, or through an individual sponsor in Benin

Requirements Information

  1. Marital status
  2. Address
  3. The country of application
  4. The address in which the nation where the domicile is located
  5. Place and Date of Birth
  6. Sex .
  7. Profession
  8. Passport Number
  9. Date of publication
  10. Location of issue
  11. The date of expiration
  12. Nationality
  13. Date of arrival in the country of application
  14. Final destination
  15. and address from which the applicant is submitting
  16. The time frame of the visit

The Document is required

An Benin visa is an endorsement or stamp that is issued by official of Benin on a passport which allows foreigners to visit Benin. Visas can be obtained at the consulates or Embassy of Benin. The Benin Tourist visa can be granted for a short period of travel for leisure and there are it is not permitted to conduct business.

Information that could be helpful

Every traveler must possess an entry visa, with the exception of:

1. The citizens of Benin.

2. Travellers who stay for less than three months if they meet the following conditions:

2.1. Citizens from Algeria, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Brazzaville), Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. Liberia, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Togo.

2.2. Travellers who have Chinese Taipei passports.

2.3. Travellers who have normal passports issued to Citizens of the People’s Republic of China, except for documents issued by Hong Kong (A Special Administrative Region of China).

2.4. Travellers who hold diplomatic passports granted to Citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

2.5. Citizens of Israel who have United Nations diplomatic passports who are for duty.

3. Travellers who are staying no longer than two weeks, provided they meet the following criteria:

3.1. Travellers who have travel documents issued from Hong Kong (A Special Administrative Region of China).

4. Citizens of Cuba who have diplomatic or service passports.

5. Citizens of Cuba with passports that are normal, travel as relatives or employees of the Cuban service, or people who have diplomatic passports.

6. Travelers with a return authorization granted by Benin.

7. Travelers with document of travel issued to refugees or individuals who are not citizens or citizens of the country.

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How to Apply for a passport In Benin
How to Apply for a passport In Benin

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