How to Apply for a passport In Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Apply for a passport In Bosnia and Herzegovina By Online

Citizens Abroad

  • The Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina issues biometric passports to citizens who have been in another country for more than three months. They also issue passports in the event where passports have damaged, lost, or expired or stolen.
  • Biometric passport requests must be submitted in person
  • The applicant is fingerprinted and photographed on the site

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Apply for the position
  • Send all original documents that were issued in the past six months preceding the date of applying to one of the Cantonal Ministries of Interior in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and The Ministry of Interior in Republika Srpska, or by the Public Register in Brcko District

Required Documents For Apply for a passport

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina identity card or another official document that proves their identity,
  • Citizenship and residence of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Previous passport, if applicable
  • Documentation that they are legally resident and have an address

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior
Mehmeda Spahe 7
Phone: +387 33 280-020
Fax: +387 33 590-218

How to Apply for a passport In Bosnia and Herzegovina
How to Apply for a passport In Bosnia and Herzegovina


Every citizen from Bosnia and Herzegovina are eligible to apply for the passport


The passport also comes with an issue fee of C$182 plus a shipping charge of C$20 on passports issued by the embassy.


Passports for children and adults older than seven are valid for five years those for children who are less than seven years of age can be used for three years.

Processing Time

Up to six months after the application has been submitted


Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two separate entities that are The Bosniak-Croat Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska which is predominantly Serb. The Brcko district is officially part of both entities . Passports are given by Cantonal Ministries of Interior in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as by the Ministry of Interior in Republika Srpska. and also by the Public Register in Brcko District in accordance with the location of residence of the applicant.

The Cantonal Ministries of Interior of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are located in Una-Sava, Posavina, Tuzla Zenica-Doboj Bosnian Podrinje, Central Bosnia and Herzegovina-Neretva. West Herzegovina, Sarajevo and Canton 10.

The issuance of passports in Bosnia is handled by police stations. Passports for citizens who reside in other countries than Bosnia and Herzegovina and diplomatic passports can be issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while service passports are issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs

The Information You Need

  • Applicant names
  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Parents ID
  • Address

The document is needed

It is the Bosnia and Herzegovina passport is an official passport for residents from Bosnia and Herzegovina for international travel. Bosnia and Herzegovina began issuing biometric passports on October 15th, 2009 and , as of July 2013, they had issued more than 1.5 million passports that were biometric. Biometric passports issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina contains a contactless chip that holds the photo of the holder, his fingerprints and signature.

Information that could be helpful

  • Minors younger than 18 must also apply for a passport on their own, accompanied by either their guardianship parents or legal guardians
  • If one parent is present the other parent must sign a written consent from the other parent that is signed and signed by a notary public as an official witness
  • If there are custody concerns and court documents are required, they must be supplied
  • The child and the parents are required to have a JMB registered JMB in the database.
  • The child’s application should include the same documents as an adult’s application, in addition to their birth certificate , as well as a certificate of their citizenship (issued within the last six months prior to the application) along with the parent’s valid identification card or passport.
  • The fee for issuance for children above seven years old will be the same adults. The fee is C$115 and C$20 for shipping for children younger than seven

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Useful for international travel
  • As a proof of citizenship
  • As a identification document

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Biometric passport applicants have to possess an identification number unique to them (JMB) which is registered in an online database. Bosnian citizens who possess ID cards issued post 2003 are already having their JMB stored within the database centrally. People who’s JMB isn’t in the database can request to register it after filling out an application, and then submitting original documents.

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