How To Apply for a passport In Gambia

How To Apply for a passport In Gambia

  • All the necessary documents must be submitted to the Department of Immigration in Banjul.
  • Fill out an application form at the immigration counter and pay D10
  • Complete the application form and send the form for verification. Attach the receipts for payment
  • Question 15 on the application form has to be signed with the help of one or more: Cabinet Minister, a Member of the House of Representatives, Justice of the Peace, Medical or Legal Practitioner, Head Chief city or area councillor Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths Civil and Public Service from Categories V and over who have been in contact with the applicant for at least two years.
  • applicants can’t make an application for passports at the Embassy

However, they are able to apply for emergency travel document to travel to

Gambia is the only country to apply for an identity card

Documents Required Apply for a passport

  • Guarantor’s Form duly completed by an oath commissioner and
  • Photocopy of the information page from the passport of the guarantors and national ID and driver’s license
  • Father’s Letter of Content for minors younger than 16 years old (Mother’s consent letter in the the case of a the father who died)
  • Marriage Certificate if appropriate. Husband’s consent letter


  • Letter of introduction to employees of the company or government organization.
  • Birth Certificate or Age declaration.
  • Identification letter from the local Government in the area of residence or origin.
  • One (1) passport photograph.
  • Receipt of acknowledgement and payment.

Office Locations and Contacts

It is the DirectorDepartment of Immigration
Ministry of Interior
71 Dobson Street18-April-2014 / GM 2
The Gambia
Tel. : 220 – 4228717
Fax: 220 – 4228717

What Are All The Eligibility

All Gambians through birth naturalization, registration and naturalization. Are eligible
The passport is the belonging to the administration of the Republic of Gambia and can be cancelled at anytime.


The cost for the Gambia Green Normal Passport (Machine Readerable Passport) is (D 12000.00) payable on request. The fee cannot be refunded.


All Gambian passports are valid for 5 years after the issue date stated on the Bio-Data page on the back of your passport. The passports of Diplomatic and Service are not valid. Diplomatic and Service passports are invalid when the person to whom in they were issued has ceased to be employed within the service or functions of Gambia Government. Gambia Government.

Processing Time

A minimum of seven days’ notice must be given to each applicant. The issue of a passport can not be assured in less than the time frame. The exceptions are granted in genuine emergencies. This does not apply to requests made by people who are not from the Gambia in which case processing of the application could take much longer.


  • There is no way that a Gambian is permitted to have multiple passports.
  • The issue of a passport is contingent upon the signing of a bond made by Gambia Government Gambia Government in the form for passport applications, in some instances at the decision of the Passport Control officer.
  • The objective for Bonds is to protect the Bond is to protect Government against the possibility of having to pay for maintenance and repatriation fees in the event that the holder’s passport being in need from outside of the Gambia.
  • The Bond can only be signed into by a prominent residents in Gambia. It is only valid for a prominent resident of Gambia who is according to the passport Control officer to fulfill his/her obligations. Foreign applicants who are not residents of the Gambia must include the names of these individuals to avoid delays even although the Bond might not be necessary in their situation.
  • Requests for passports to be replaced or renewal can only be processed when fees have been paid and receipts are attached.
  • The application forms need to be counter-signed by an official Justice of the Peace and authenticated by any of the individuals listed in the section 15 on the form to apply for passport.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • The place of birth
  • Birth date
  • Parents ID no

The Document is required Apply for a passport

Gambian passports can be issued to Gambians to travel outside the territory of. Gambia issues three types of passports.

  • Diplomatic Passports
  • Pilgrims Passport
  • Standard Gambian Passport:

Information that can be useful

It is an important document that should not alter in any way or permitted to come into the possession of an unauthorised person. No declarations, stamps, notes as well as other declarations must ever be included or inserted into this passport , unless they are approved. If the passport becomes destroyed or lost the details and the circumstances must be reported immediately with the office for passports at Banjul as well as to the closest Gambia consulate or any other representative as well as with the help of the local Police. The new passport are only issued following thorough investigations.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • For identification purposes.
  • It is used to prove citizenship

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How To Apply for a passport In Gambia
How To Apply for a passport In Gambia



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