How to Apply for a passport In Marshall Islands

Apply for a passport In Marshall Islands By Online

  • Completely submit the required document to the A.G office
  • Complete the application form
  • The clerk will review the documents, which could be a long time
  • The application fees must be paid.
  • Passports will be mailed to the applicant following being processed

Required Documents For Apply for a passport

  1. 2×2 passport photographs on white backgrounds with the Name of the applicant is on the bottom of each photo
  2. Complete the passport application form I94
  3. The money orders that are made are payable directly to the secretary for Finance should not accept cash.
  4. A post-marked envelope with return address

Office Locations and Contacts

Applications and all questions addressed to

Office of the Attorney General

P.O Box 890 Majuro

Téléphone (692) 625-3244-8245

Fax (692) 625-5218



Marshall Island are eligible for citizenship. Marshall Island are eligible


New passport $50

Children under 12 yrs $35

Students pay $30


Passports last for 5 years.

Processing Time



  • Each application has to be authenticated and include a consent form and release form in case the applicant does not have a birth certificate
  • The application for a student has to be submitted with evidence of school attendance

Required Information

  • Birth date
  • Birthplace of the child
  • Address
  • ID not
  • Gender
  • Name of the applicant

The Document is required

Marshall Passport Marshall Passport International travel documents granted for Marshall citizens.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

In a foreign land passports are the only way I can almost verify (nationality and name, age, etc.) and who is. In an overseas country, a passports are required at various locations, unlike when you’re in the country. In particular,

  • When the immigration process is completed occurs, such as at the airports
  • at the time you check into the hotel
  • When you use when using (travel check) travelers’ checks
  • If asked to show an identification card from the police officer

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How to Apply for a passport In Marshall Islands
How to Apply for a passport In Marshall Islands



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