How To Apply for Pesticide Storage Facility License In Gabon

How To Apply for Pesticide Storage Facility License In Gabon

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  • To apply in order to obtain a Pesticides Storage Facility License applicants must visit the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) in Ghana website.
    How To Apply for Pesticide Storage Facility License In Gabon
    How To Apply for Pesticide Storage Facility License In Gabon

  • The applicant must approach the Environmental Protection Agency in Ghana and can obtain the application form to apply to apply for Pesticides storage facility license.
  • Go through the application carefully since there are different sections.
  • Be sure to ensure that the person has all the documents mentioned under the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Please check the fee details on the “Fees” section on this page. The applicant will receive the fee invoice that is prescribed. go to any ECOBANK branch close to you to pay the invoice. the payment.
  • Complete the forms and submit them along with any supporting documents to the EPA office for processing and verification.
  • The EPA will send one inspector on the premises of the facility to inspect the facility to determine whether Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Storage Practice (GSP) for storage and delivery of products that ensure quality control and quality control of the product is practiced.
  • The report findings will be provided an applicant and should any modifications or enhancement is needed, Corrective Action and Preventive Action Report (CAPA) report will be issued and the applicant is required to correct the issue.
  • If the CAPA is implemented successfully CAPA A follow-up inspection could be carried out by the team conducting the inspection to assess the efficacy of the CAPA’s implementation (where appropriate).
  • If an approved official finds that requirements are met for the application, the applicant will be informed of the result and issued the license.

Documents Required Pesticide Storage Facility License

  • Copy of the certification of proficiency in handling pesticides (if relevant)
  • Valid identity card from the country of origin
  • Copy of the registration certificate for the company that is valid
  • The copy of the relevant certificates for employees
  • Proof of payment of prescribed fee(bank slip)
  • Copy of the certificate of evidence of eia/emp (if appropriate)
  • Proven evidence of training for professionals on pest management (if relevant)
  • Businesses must be an official company registration replica.
  • Type and list the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to be worn.
  • Professional training evidence
  • Qualification certificate
  • Other documents

Office Locations and Contacts

Environmental protection agency (EPA)Address: HR22+H42, Accra, Ghana
Address of the postal Address: P.O .Box M.326 Accra, Ghana
E-mail ID:
Contact # 0302 664697-8/ 0302662690
Place hyperlink
Contact link

What Are All The Eligibility

  • All businesses that have premises that deal in pesticides or insecticides across Ghana are eligible to apply for the license.
  • All citizens, businesses and companies in Ghana are qualified.


  • All fees are payable to the ECOBANK Ghana Branch by presenting the invoice from the Agency to the bank.


Pesticides storage facility license valid for one year.

Processing Time

The time to process this procedure is six months.


  • EPA Act 1994 Act 490 and the Pesticides Control and Management Act 1996 (Act 528), and the regulations that came under.

The Information You Need

Background information:

  • Full legal name of the applicant/company/business
  • Contact details (Mailing/email Address, telephone/fax number)
  • Contact person details
  • Address (physical physical location) of the premise that is to be registered.
  • The number of employees
  • Address, full name and and the qualifications of all persons who will be under the personal control of the premises which will require a license.
  • Check the classes (es) that you will use for the pesticide (s) you intend to deal with in this licence? e.g. herbicides
  • Define the location where the work will take place with details on security measures, land adjacent to usage, the size, type of structure, etc.
  • Define the storage and/ or display facilities available for the pesticides listed above.
  • Please describe any other items that will be kept or displayed in the same location
  • Define safety precautions that must be taken to safeguard individuals and the public
  • What options for disposal do you have for containers that are empty or used?

The Document is required Pesticide Storage Facility License

  • Any person is not allowed to use any place or as the owner or occupier thereof, let the property to be used to manufacture packaging, formulating and selling, or storing pest control products, unless the owner or occupier has an appropriate license pursuant to the Regulations applicable to the premises.

Information that can be useful

      • All fees are due to every ECOBANK Ghana Branch by presenting the invoice that was issued by the Agency to the bank.
      • If you are submitting additional documents to be submitted, make sure you mark the documents in accordance with this section. (e.g. Attachment A, etc.)
      • If the space in the form isn’t enough, the additional information needed could be included on a separate form and included.



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