How to Apply for a Periodic Work Permit In Bermuda

Apply for a Periodic Work Permit In Bermuda By Yourself

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary documents required for the application.
  2. Download the application Form from the Immigration department, or download it using here: form
  3. How to  Apply for a Periodic Work Permit In Bermuda
    How to Apply for a Periodic Work Permit In Bermuda
  4. Be sure to read the form thoroughly since it has a variety of sections and forms.
  5. Complete the application form and verify that you have all necessary documents listed in Section 5 of the application form.
  6. If the permit for work is in a job classification that requires a statutory body to be consulted, fill out the Referral To Statutory council Formula in Section 7, and get it filled out along with the medical clearance form in Section 8
  7. Pay the application fee and add the receipt to the application form.
  8. Send an application letter at the Department of Immigration justifying your request . Attach the application form with the supporting documents.
  9. The ministry will examine your application, and if they find satisfactory results, they will then grant you the permission.

Required Documents For Apply for a Periodic Work Permit 

  • Forms that have been completed for the Periodic Work Permit application. Formulation
  • Police certification
  • Medical clearance
  • Character and employment references
  • Fees that are required (see below)
  • Copy of the job advertisement
  • Photos in passport-size
  • Documentation that you are a citizen (passport)
  • Documentation of a Permanent Visa or Resident Visa/Permanent Resident Card is issued by the US/Canada/UK
  • Certificate of marriage (if appropriate)
  • Birth certificate
  • Statement of employment
  • Resume
  • Taxes paid to the government and employee benefits

Check out the check list in the section 5 of the application form.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Immigration:
Government Administration Building
30 Parliament Street
Hamilton Hamilton

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box HM 1364
Hamilton HMFX
Immigration Office Opening Hours: 8:30a.m. until 5:00p.m.
Telephone: 441-295-5151 Ext. 1378
Fax: 441-295-4115

Contact numbers for other companies:

  • Chief Immigration Officer Chief Immigration Officer Ext 1444
  • Assistant Chief Immigration Officer: 441-295-5151
  • The Personal Service Division
  • Personal Services Manager Personal Services Manager Ext 1393
  • Status and Long Residents with Status 441-295-5151 Ext 1952
  • Land & Travel Documents 441-295-5151 Ext 1941
  • Visas 441-295-5151 Ext 1393
  • Corporate Services (Work Permits) Division:
  • The Corporate Services Manager is 441-295-5151, Ext. 1940
  • Finance & Banking Industry: 441-295-5151 Ext 1534
  • Service Industry: 441-295-5151 Ext 1388
  • Government & Other Industries: 441-295-5151 Ext 1389
  • Compliance Manager Compliance Manager Ext 1395
  • Principal Compliance Officer Principal Compliance Officer
  • Compliance (Airport) Airport Compliance
  • Administrator & Finance Manager Contact: 441-295-5151 Ext 1943
  • Immigration Hotline Call 441-296-5202


  • Professionals working for an overseas company and who are in available to provide services for a business based in Bermuda.


  • One Year Global Work permit: $ 920
  • Two Years Global Work Permit: $ 2295
  • 3 Years Global Wok permit: $ 3440
  • Four Years Global Work Permit: $ 4570
  • Five Years Global Work Permit: $ 5905


  • The permit may be granted for a from one year to five years.

Documents to Utilize



  • The advertisement for a Periodic Work Permit is not required.
  • Permits for Periodic Work may be granted for a period of one three, two, five, or four years.
  • If, after arrival, you are the owner of a Permanent Work Permit requires a stay of more than thirty days, employers may request an extension up to a additional 30 days;
  • The holder of a Periodic Work Permit must not be present in Bermuda for longer than 180 days during the calendar year.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the company
  • Fees to be submitted
  • Name of the applicant
  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • Dependants
  • Work permit type application
  • Employment details:
  • Employer (name to be included on the work permit)
  • Contact information for the employer
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone, Cellular and Fax
  • Requested start date
  • Request the length of permit
  • Applicant name
  • Job title or goal
  • The relationship between the employer and applicant is a family one.
  • The following information should be provided by the person applying in the event that a single periodic work permit applications are meant to:
  • The applicant’s Nationality information and dependants sponsored by the applicant
  • Personal information of applicants and their sponsored dependents
  • Education, employment, qualifications, and training

The Document is required

  • This document is for employers looking to hire non-residents who are able to make multiple trips to Bermuda for a certain period of time, but not staying longer than 30 days per visit.

Information that could be helpful

  • Work Permit Policy: link

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