How to Apply for a Permit to Visit Hong Kong In Macau

Apply for a Permit to Visit Hong Kong In Macau By Online

  1. The application to get an entry permit to Hong Kong must be submitted in person to the Identification Services Bureau. Visit Permits for HKSAR can be issued in the form of an individual permit, the applicant’s spouse, children and parents should submit an application for their Visit Permits.
  2. Apply for a job by filling out an application.
  3. Complete the application with all required documents (see the below list of documents).
  4. The application fees must be paid.
  5. You can get your permit within 5 working days once that bureau received your application along with all the necessary documents.

Required Documents For Apply for a Permit to Visit Hong Kong

  • The original Macao SAR’s Permanent Resident ID Card as well as Macao SAR Permanent Resident Identification Card (The original will be returned once verified);
  • Photograph that meets the criteria; one recent color, full-faced and bareheaded photo with a plain white background of 1.5 inches;
  • The original Visit Permit to HKSAR for renewal
  • Official report loss slip (if the applicant is not able to provide the original copy of Visit Permit HKSAR); HKSAR);
  • If you are applying for a person who is younger than 18 years old Originals as well as photocopies of the identity documentation of the parents or the legal guardian have to be provided. Both parents or legal guardian must sign on the form of application:
    • When the parent of applicant do not have a marriage or divorced with separate property or divorced, or one of the parents is not able to sign the application because of certain reasons (e.g. absence) or a different parent must present the proof in writing of their parental rights to complete an application for the child.
    • If one parent cannot submit an application for an Visit Permit for their children in person they may. fill out and fill out the application form, which will be available from the Identification Services Bureau prior to the submission of the application. Then, a different parent may submit the application with the Bureau in person with their child.
      B. Complete fill out the “Authorization to Travel Document Applications” to allow another parent to file the application with the Bureau in the same person as their child.

Specifications for photographs:

  • Recent, color photos, including bare-headed, full-faced and bare-headed.
  • Dimensions of the photograph should be 45mm tall by 35mm in width (1.5 inches). Photographs must be taken on a simple white background with no margins.
  • The image should be sharp and clearly clear. Effect lenses are not permitted.
  • The photo cannot be altered in any way to alter the appearance of the person applying like moles, scars, etc.
  • The photo should be full-faced and display the facial characteristics and features of the candidate clearly.
  • Coverings for the head are not permitted and heavy makeup such as camisoles, tube-tops or camisoles should be avoided while taking photographs.
  • To show your full face, over-exaggerated accessories must be avoided when taking photos.

The following photos will be rejected:

  • Eyes and facial features are protected by the frames of glasses (applicant should not wear heavy and bulky white or black frames)
  • The eyes are covered with hair or between eyebrows
  • Contact lenses that are colored or contact lenses with an iris an enlarging effect (commonly called “Big eyes contact lenses”)
  • Glare or reflections are visible on glasses or the face.
  • There is shadow
  • Overexposed
  • Underexposed
  • The image was used in an application two years ago.

Office Locations and Contacts

Macau SAR Identification Department

Avenida da Praia Grande,
no804, Edificio “China Plaza”,
1o andar Macau

Office hours:
Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 18:00
(Closed on Sundays, Saturdays and on government holidays.)

Hotline for appointments and inquiries: (853) 2837 03777or (853) 2837 0888
Fax: (853) 2837 4300



Candidates who meet all of the following requirements can submit an application for the Visit Permit of residents from Macao SAR to Hong Kong SAR (Visit Permit to HKSAR):

  • Macao SAR Residence (limited only to Chinese and Portuguese citizens);
  • Cardholders who have Macao SAR permanent resident identity card as well as Macao SAR non-permanent resident Identification Card.


Visit Permits to HKSAR: MOP 100.00

applicants who do not have the financial ability because of the following criteria are eligible to apply for exemption from application fees The conditions of fee exemptions are:

  1. Unemployment:
    1. The applicants must complete and sign a declaration to confirm their unemployment status and acknowledge that they are guilty of crimes for making a false statements.
    2. Fill out an Employment Registration issued by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).
  2. Poverty:
    1. The applicant must compose and sign a formal letter in order to request an exemption from fee;
    2. Send the original along with photocopies of an authentic beneficiary card issued by IAS, the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).
  3. Disability:
    1. Applicants must make a written and signed declaration of financial incapacity;
    2. Send the original along with photocopies of a current Disability Assessment Registration Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).

Note: Additional documents could be required to support the an applicant’s verification of financial incapability by DSI If required.


“Visit Permit to HKSAR “Visit Permit for HKSAR” has validity for not more than 7 years . the holder must apply for a new permit following its expiration. The holder is able to make several trips to Hong Kong SAR using an active “Visit Permit” to HKSAR”.

Duration of stay:

  • Macao SAR Permanent Residents possessing an “Visit Permit of Residents in Macao SAR to the HKSAR” are able to enter HKSAR in the HKSAR as guests and remain for up to 180 days, provided that the immigration requirements are satisfied.
  • Macao SAR Non-permanent Residents who possess an “Visit Permit to Residents from Macao SAR for entry into the HKSAR” is able to enter HKSAR in the HKSAR as guests and remain for up to 30 days provided the requirements for immigration are satisfied.

Processing Time

You will be able to get your permit within 5 working days once you have received your application and all required documents.


  • Application forms must be completed by mail at Identification Services Bureau
  • The Visit Permit for HKSAR will be given as an individual document. the spouse and children of the applicant must submit an application for the Visit Permit

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