How to Apply for Macao SAR Travel Permit In Macau

Apply for Macao SAR Travel Permit In Macau By Yourself

  1. If you are a resident of Macau the application must be made on the spot at Macau’s Identification Department (DSI).
  2. Apply to get the Macao SAR Permit to travel. Permit.
  3. Complete the application with all required documents.
  4. The application fees must be paid.
  5. The passport you have requested will be available in 10 days. Urgent Service, 2 working days.

Applications are accepted via Post

  1. For applicants from states or countries (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Hong Kong are not included) you can submit your application through posting.
  2. Go to through the Postal Application Service system of DSI to get the application numbers.
  3. Print the application slip.
  4. Please send the “Part 2” on the form slip as well as the necessary documents to DSI by post. (Mailing address: Macau Postal Box No. 1089/ Avenida da Praia No. 804, Edificio China Plaza, 20 andar, Macau).
  5. Once the documents are received, DSI will update the status of the application within the “Postal Application Service” system. The applicants should monitor their application status within the system at any the date.
  6. If the status of your application shifts in the form of “Please make payment for your application”,pay the amount required to complete your application. You can pay the fee via the following ways:
    1. Pay online with credit card within the “Postal Application Service” system.
    2. The payment must be made by an authorized person: The applicant may let a person living in Macao for the payment to DSI in their name by clearly stating this in the letter of application.


  • In the event that you paid a bill for Macao Special Administrative Region Government Macao Special Administrative Region Government in error due to a system malfunction or other conditions that are unique such as a system failure, the affected person should make contact with authorities at the Identification Services Bureau (DSI) immediately. DSI will refund the appropriate amount to the individual concerned.
  • If the applicant would like to end the application process and receive a return of their application cost following making the payment online, they must send a letter to DSI to receive the refund.

Required Documents For Apply for Macao SAR Travel Permit


  • Original Macao SAR Resident Identity Card (will be returned to the applicant once verification);
  • Photograph that meets certain requirements; a recent full-faced, color, bareheaded, and color photograph with a simple white background, in 1.5 inches (Photograph requirements);
  • The old Macao SAR (Electronic) travel Permit is valid in the event renewal
  • A police lost-report form to be used by applicants who can’t provide the previous Macao (Electronic) travel permit for SAR
  • Photographic copies of each parent’s and IDs of the guardianship document and both parents or the legal guardian need to be present to sign the application form for applicants who are younger than 18 years old.
  • Additionally, Electronic Travel Permit is issued as an individual Travel Permit The applicant’s spouse and children must submit an application for their individual Travel Permits.

Application through Post:

  • Completed application form. Candidates can download the application forms via the “Postal Application Service” system of DSI or ask DSI to forward the application form to them via postal mail or request the application form from the representative in Macao.
  • Copy from Macao ID Card for Permanent Resident of SAR
  • Photograph that meets the following conditions: one color 1.5-inched Full-faced and bareheaded photo with a plain white background , recent (see specifications for photograph);
  • Documents supporting the claim that prove the applicant is unable to file applications in person like evidence of education or work, etc.
  • For those who are older than five, at least a clear set of 10 fingerprint impressions should be provided (see the Fingerprint Form);
  • Macao AAR Travel Permit (if there is one);
  • For renewal applications applicants are required to provide the previous Macao SAR Passport;
  • A loss report is required if applicants are unable to present the previous Macao SAR Permit to Travel Permit or the previous Macao SAR Passport;
  • When the person applying is younger than 18 years old The photocopies of each parent’s identification documents are required. Additionally parents must complete the application form.

Specifications for photographs:

  • Color, recent photos, including bare-headed and full-faced.
  • The dimensions of the photograph should be 45mm tall by 35mm in width (1.5 inches). Photographs must be taken on a simple white background with no margins.
  • The photo should be sharp and clearly clear. Effect lenses are not permitted.
  • The photograph should not be altered in order to alter the appearance of the applicant for example, scars or moles and so on.
  • The photo should be full-faced and display the facial traits that the person applying for it clearly.
  • The wearing of head coverings is not permitted and heavy makeup such as camisoles, tube-tops or camisoles should be avoided when taking photos.
  • To show your full face, excessive accessories must be avoided when taking photos.

The following photos will be rejected:

  • Eyes and facial features are protected by the frames of glasses (applicant should not wear heavy and heavy frames in white or black)
  • The eyes are covered with hair or in the eyebrows
  • Contact lenses that are colored or contact lenses that have an iris expanding effect (commonly called “Big eyes contact lenses”)
  • Glare or reflections are visible on the glasses or face
  • There is shadow
  • Overexposed
  • Underexposed
  • The photo was used in an application two years ago.

Office Locations and Contacts

Identification Services BureauDepartment of Identification for Residents

Physical Address:
Avenida da Praia Grande,
No. 804, Edf. China Plaza,
1. Andar, Macau

Mailing Address: Macau P.O. Box 1089

Hotline: (853)28370777 / (853)28370888
Fax: (853)28374300


Office Hours:
Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6:00 pm
(Closed on Sundays, Saturdays and legal holidays)



Anyone who meets all of the following requirements can apply for the Macao electronic travel permit

  • Permanent Resident Non-Permanent in Macao SAR with Chinese nationality;
  • Holding Macao SAR Non-Permanent Resident Identification Card;
  • Not eligible for any other travel documents.


  • Standard: MOP 250.00
  • urgent: an additional fee of MOP 150.00 will be billed.
  • If the applicants are unable to present the original (electronic) traveling document due to it has been damaged, lost or defaced, or it is not accessible, they must be charged extra fees as follows:
    • The first time you visit: an extra charge in the amount of MOP 150.00;
    • Second time: an additional charge for MOP 300.00;
    • Third time: additional charge in the amount of 600.00;
    • Fourth time: additional cost for MOP 1,200.00;
    • Five times or more An additional charge in the amount of 2,400.00.

Candidates who are not financially ability because of the following criteria may apply for an exemption of application fees Conditions of Fee Exemption:

  1. Unemployment:
    1. The applicants must make a declaration and then sign it to state their status as unemployed and acknowledge that they’ll be guilty of infractions for making a false statements.
    2. Complete an Employment Registration issued by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).
  2. Poverty:
    1. The applicant must compose and sign a formal letter in order to request an exemption from fee;
    2. The original as well as an imagecopy of the Valid Beneficiary Card from IAS, the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).
  3. Disability:
    1. The applicants must make a written and signed declaration to acknowledge their financial incapacity;
    2. The original as well as an imagecopy of the legitimate Disability Assessment Registration Card issued by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS).

Note: Additional documents could be required to support the an applicant’s verification of financial incapability by DSI in the event of a need.

Application by post: Application fee + Postageand Surcharge (if applicable)

  1. Application fee
    1. Application normal: MOP250.00.
    2. Urgent applications: an additional cost of MOP150.00.
  2. Postage:
    1. Standard: An additional cost in the amount of MOP40.00 (air signed mail)
    2. Express according to the amount of postage paid to express courier companies (the amount can differ according to the destinations and the weight of documents).
    3. The applicant must submit an inquiry in writing, when he or she chooses express delivery for the document. DSI will send documents to person who requested it using Macao Post’s EMS.
  3. Additional charge (if applicable)
  4. Additional charges may be assessed if the applicant does not provide the previous passport when making the application or if applicant has to replace the passport due to defacement or damage of the passport:
    1. This is the first occasion: an added cost in the amount of MOP 150.00;
    2. A second and subsequent cost in the amount of 300.00;
    3. A third and final charge in the amount of MOP 600.00;
    4. Fourth time around: additional cost in the amount of MOP 1,200.00;
    5. The fifth time or more The fifth time or more: additional cost in the amount of MOP 2,400.00.

Processing Time

  • Normal: 10 working days.
  • Urgent: 2 working days.


  1. The date of expected collection will be counted starting the following day after the submission of all required documents to DSI. In certain circumstances the expected date for collection will be modified.
  2. If damaged or stolen original Macao SAR (Electronic) Passport, Travel Permit and Macao SAR (Electronic) Passport the time for reissue on the replacement Passport will be 60 days, at a maximum. The application for urgent applications is not considered under normal circumstances , unless a the written request and additional documents are provided. The decision on approval will be announced within two working days.

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