How to Apply for a Social Security Card In Belize

Apply for a Social Security Card In Belize By Online

  1. Visit the Social Security Office in your region to sign up.
  2. Make sure to bring all documents needed and complete all required forms.

Required Documents  For Apply for a Social Security Card

Citizen of Belize by birth (present Original copies of each of these):

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Belizean Passport of Belize (valid and/or expired)
  3. The new Voters ID Card (Colored Photo)
  4. Legal documents that are issued by the Registrar General Vital Statistics Unit (VSU)


The passports of foreign citizens presented to Born Belizeans are to be used as a second documentation for verification, i.e. to prove identity.

If a woman who is married’s confirmation document is not under her married name , and she would like to obtain the Social Security card with her married name the marriage certificate must be also presented.

Foreign-born persons (present Original copies for any one of the following):

  1. And Belizean Nationality:
    1. Belize Passport
    2. Nationality Certificate
    3. Letter of Descent
    4. CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Certificate
  2. In permanent status (Primary Papers):
    1. Permanent Resident Card
    2. Refugee Card
    3. Belize Tourism Board Card
    4. As additional documentation for verification, applicants must include any of these documentation with their Passport Documento Personal de Identificacion (DPI) or Birth Certificates from the country of origin as well as photo ID (if required).
  3. In temporary status (Primary Documents)
    1. Work Permit
    2. Condition Stamp
    3. Student Permit
    4. Dependent Permit
    5. The Special Permit (Economic Processing Zone Employees (EPZ))
    6. CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Stamp on passport
    7. Note: Other than those permits which are stamped on Passports of the holders or Passports, they must also carry a Documento Personal of Identificacion (DPI) or Birth Certificate from the country of the country of.
  4. Undocumented Foreign Born People:
    1. Passport
    2. Documento Personal de Identificacion (DPI)
    3. Birth Certificate, accompanied by an identification photo (ID)


People that were raised in one or more among the Commonwealth Countries and have resided in Belize for a minimum of one year are eligible to get an identification card for voters. Thus, people that were raised in one or more among the Commonwealth Countries who present only the card of a voter’s identification must also show a valid work permit that is issued through the Immigration and Nationality Department in order for the card to carry the legend”Valid for Employment.

The surname of the father will be utilized in the case of Social Security in cases where people present documents that have two surnames.

Office Locations and Contacts

Social Security Board
Headquarters, Belmopan
P.O. Box 18
Bliss Parade, Belmopan
Tel: 822-2163 / 2471
Fax: 822-3331
Customer Service Line 822-0084

How to Apply for a Social Security Card In Belize
How to Apply for a Social Security Card In Belize

Belize Branch Office
P.O. Box 5
Street Corner Princess Margaret Drive & St. Joseph Street
Belize City
Tel: 224-5025/ 223-2834
Fax: 224-5893

Belmopan Branch Office
P.O. Box 18
Bliss Parade, Belmopan
Tel: 822-0085/ 822-0086
Fax: 822-2825

Corozal Branch Office
P.O. Box 157
105 A 7th Avenue Corozal Town
Tel: 422-2276
Fax: 422-3678

Corozal Free Zone Sub-Office
Nassau Plaza, Corozal Free Zone
Tel: 423-7240
Fax: 423-7244

Dangriga Branch Office
P.O. Box 46
1 Courthouse Street, Dangriga Town
Tel: 522-2101/ 522-3736
Fax: 522-3198

Independence Branch Office
Savannah Road, Independence
Stann Creek District
Tel: 523-2083
Fax: 523-2448

Placencia Sub-Office
Main Street, Placencia Village
Tel: 523-3619
Fax: 523-3231
The site is open on Tuesday and Thursday only

Orange Walk Branch Office
P.O. Box 5
Corner Queen Victoria Street & La Democracia Avenue
Orange Walk Town
Tel: 322-2217/322-0220
Fax: 322-3958

Punta Gorda Branch Office
P.O. Box 74
Corner Prince and West Streets
Punta Gorda Town
Tel: 722-2076
Fax: 722-2525

San Pedro Branch Office
P.O. Box 116
Pescador Drive
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Tel: 226-2625 (Office)
Fax: 226-3064

Caye Caulker Sub-Office
Front Street
Caye Caulker Village
Tel: 226-0053
Available on Thursdays only

Santa Elena Branch Office
P.O. Box 8
Corner Western Highway and Liberty Street
Santa Elena, Cayo District
Tel: 824-2178/ 824-2708
Fax: 824-3534

Benque Viejo Del Carmen Sub-Office
Church Street
Benque Viejo Del Carmen
Tel: 823-2337
Only open on Wednesdays

Spanish Lookout Sub-office
Spanish Lookout Center Road
Tel: 823-0416
Open on Thursdays and Tuesdays only


  • Belizean citizens are citizens of Belize through birth
  • Foreign nationals who reside within Belize legally. They have an Belize Passport Citizenship by Decent or Nationality Certificate Permanent Resident (PR) Card, Belize Tourism Board (B.T.B) Card, CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) Certificate or Stamp, Refugee Card Condition Stamp Special Permit Temporary Work Permit Dependent Permit, and Student (Pass) Permit holders are legally required to sign a declaration of identity for them and their dependents.
  • Undocumented foreign-born individuals do not have the right to the Social Security card, except for those who been a contributor into Social Security through the Social Security Scheme prior to the year 2000, and are eligible for or receiving an income pension for long-term disability or disablement in accordance with the Social Security Act.


    Belizeans Belize are required by law to be registered as a member of Social Security from birth. Belizeans who do not possess the social Security number or a valid social Security card are required by law to go to each or the social Security Offices to sign up themselves as well as their dependents.

    Information that can be useful

    Obligations of all Security Card Holders. Security Card Holders

    • In addition, they must be registered and their dependents with Social Security by furnishing accurate and complete information and documents for the dependents and themselves.
    • Renewal of the Social Security card on the expiration date or as it is required to do so by Social Security and provide updated personal information , as specified on the application form.
    • Inform us of any changes in the name or status of immigration and submit legal documents that relate to the change.
    • Complete all forms required.
    • Save Social Security card in a secure location for their own and dependent children younger than 14 years old. The Social Security cards shall remain the possession and the responsibility of the Social Security Board and will last for a duration of 10 years or for shorter times as are deemed appropriate from the Social Security Board.
    • It is not permitted to alter the details of the Social Security card or photocopy the card. The original card must include an unmodified full name, registration number and other information as is required by the Board.
    • Keep the registration cards with them always with you and show the cards to the potential employer when they apply for an employment.
    • You must be able to show you Social Security card to any authorized Social Security Officer, Health Care Provider, or any other official approved through Social Security upon request.
    • immediately notify the closest Social Security Office when their Social Security card, or the card of any dependent is damaged or expired. The card that is defaced or expired should also be returned Social Security office. Social Security office.
    • Report immediately any stolen, lost or damaged card immediately to the closest Police Station.
    • Do not keep registration cards belonging to someone else, other than those belonging to their dependent children who are younger than 14 or other dependents incapable of acting on their own on their own behalf.
    • Go to the closest Social Security Office any lost or stolen cards that are found.
    • Inform your Social Security Office In the event you find someone with an Social Security number or Social Security card of another.
    • Transfer to the closest Social Security Office, the Social Security card of any deceased insured member of the family.

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