How To Apply for a Student Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for a Student Visa In Gabon

You can enter Gabon with a student visa.

  • Make sure you register your name at the closest police station within seven days following arriving in Gabon.
  • Depending on the location where the classes are being taking place, you must bring your passport along with your complete address printed on an article of paper to the immigration officer at Libreville. If you’re American, Canadian, or an EU citizen, you do not required to be registered upon your arriving in Gabon.
  • Without a valid authorization or a valid visa from an official of the Gabon government, you’ll be deported.

In the first 30 days following your arriving within 30 days of your arrival in Gabon You must finish the application procedure to get an student residence permit.


  • Student residence permits are renewed annually on a basis.
  • Non-Gabon full-time student are entitled to a University certificate to be able to get the Student Residence Visa.
  • Full-time status for Undergraduate Non-degree Undergraduates is 12-credit hours. In the case of Graduate, Non-degree Graduates are 9 credit hours.
  • When your parents live permanently in Gabon You are not required to get an student residence visa, as long as you remain a parent’s dependent.
  • If you’re a dual man student at a national university or the father of your child is Gabonese or dual national, the Gabon government recognises you as an official citizen of Gabon.
  • You can enjoy an extended stay of six months in Gabon as a Gabonese citizen, without obligations.
  • The student is allowed to stay for until the end of their academic course. Students are expected to complete their studies by the specified time.
  • A Study visa allows holders to work and live (in an unrestricted manner) within Gabon for the time they have completed their studies to support themselves and their dependents.

The Student Visa form from your school or university is essential to back your visa application. Keep in mind that each International student visa will be distinct and the type of visa you have to apply for is contingent upon your specific situation in Gabon.

  • One of the most crucial things you should do prior to submitting the visa for international students is to ensure that you have enough money for your education in Gabon.
  • You will require funds to finance your education and costs of living while you are living in Gabon
  • Be aware that you are not able to work in Gabon with an student visa.
  • The financials of your student’s stay in Gabon must be in place for you to stand a an opportunity to get an student visa. Don’t depend on the potential earnings
  • The amount you declare on your application has to be in excess of the cost of the first year of study.
  • It’s essential that you get in touch with the college or university that you like and they will tell you of the information they require from you to determine whether you’re academically qualified to attend their institution or college.
  • Alongside other requirements, you’ll need to prove to the school that you have the funds to cover your expenses while attending school. Also, you must have medical insurance coverage in Gabon since the cost of health insurance without insurance could result in an enormous expense.
The following items you’ll require in the Gabon Embassy.
  • The applicant must pay a fee for application that is non-refundable.
  • If your visa doesn’t get approved , you won’t receive your money back, so be sure to check your documents carefully prior to applying.
  • Private medical insurance needs to be purchased and a documentary proof of this is required.
  • Forms for application must be filled out and signed the form. You can receive from the Gabon Embassy.
  • You must have a valid passport that has an expiration date of six months beyond the time you intend to studies in Gabon.
  • You require a photograph of 1-by-inch rectangular (37 by 37mm) with your entire face
  • If you’re trying to apply for an F1 student visa, make sure you have the I-20A-B application form from your school or university.
  • If you’re seeking a student visa, provide proof that you have enough funds to cover your expenses in Gabon Embassy. Gabon Embassy. It must be proven that the tuition fees were fully paid.
  • It is crucial when you meet with the Gabon Embassy official ensure that you show the officer that there are strong familial connections in your home country , and that you are planning to be leaving Gabon when you have completed your studies there.
  • This is extremely important during the application process. Evidence of your ties to your country of origin could include family members there father, mother sister. Letter from a prospective employer or even a car registered with your name that you have left in your country of origin. Anything you can prove that you’re coming back is helpful when talking to the Gabon official at the Embassy.

Documents that are required Student Visa

  • Valid passport
  • A visa cover letter;
  • Letter of Covering from School or Tertiary Institutions / University addressed to the Commissioner Immigration Control Department
  • Admission letter from the School or Tertiary Institutions or a University
  • Copies of passports of parents
  • A cover letter from the schools to department of immigration with the year of admission and the length of studies;
  • Attach copies of the parents’ immigration status such as work permit If parents reside in Gabon and
  • Parents are not residents and work in Egypt Candidates should attach an acknowledgement letter from the parent confirming the connection between the resident guardian and the child or student who is in Gabon as well as a consent letter from guardian to the Commissioner of Immigration Control Department.,
  • The status of the host’s immigration guardian e.g. Work permit, Passport.
  • Attach a photo ID card issued by an institution of higher education.
Students enrolled in post graduate programs must submit copies of their prior academic credentials.
  • The payment slips
  • Residential Permit
  • A recent passport size photo on white background.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Phone : (1) 727-600/742-370

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Department of Documentation and Immigration.

Dr. Gerard Valeri

B.P. 6349 Quartier saint Benoit

81 Rue du Senateur Anguilet


Tel: 241-76-66-58 Libreville

Ministry of Higher Education

Bote Postale 3919,


Telephone number: 241 (1) 763-352.

What Are All The Eligibility

Students who are not Gabonese can apply for an Student Visa provided they have the necessary documents.


Student visas are valid for a period of 1 to 3 years based on the type of course and the length of time needed to finish the course.

Processing Time

The process takes 21 days for processing.


  • For entry into Gabon you need to obtain student visas from the Gabon consulate or embassy of your country of origin.
  • Student visas last for up to three years and are not renewable according to Gabon Laws.
  • Anyone who plans to visit must have an authentic passport or travel document that has a validity of more than one year.
  • At the time of arrival all students must complete arrival declaration forms and must also comply with the other immigration requirements, such as the submission of biometric details;
  • The immigration authorities at the point of arrival are entitled to admission;
  • Students’ pass with a particular length of time is granted by immigration authorities upon arrival , allowing the holder to remain in the country for the duration specified in the passport;
  • Students arriving at the school should not carry or transport any substances or items that are not allowed by customs.
  • A student may engage with a job in a limited method.
  • But offenders who break the law are prosecuted. However, often, this is not the case in the theory.
  • The entry should only be made via the designated ports of entry/exit.
  • Students must abide by the immigration laws and other laws that govern the country while they are in Gabon.

Requirements Information

  • Contact details and full name of the person applying for a visa
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Information about the university or institution;
  • Course details;
  • Year of admission as well as duration of course;
  • Contact details and information of the parent or guardian in which the applicant will be in Gabon

Documentation is needed

If you plan to pursue a degree in Gabon in the capacity of an International student or as a foreign national you’ll require the student visa in order to enter Gabon. Students are issued a visa by the Department of Immigration and the procedure of applying for it must be carried out in the following manner.

This is extremely important for Gabon Department of Immigration. Gabon Department of Immigration and it is important you to apply of the Gabon Student Visa.

  1. Law-abiding behaviour is a reason to deport someone
  2. The student can finance themselves financially throughout the duration of the course.
  3. The student intends to quit Gabon following the completion of his studies.
  4. There are 3 types of Visas for students that you could apply for

The Gabonese Embassy as well as Consular Offices are the sole accredited Gabonese government agencies that are allowed to grant students Gabonese visas to a foreign country.

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How To Apply for a Student Visa In Gabon
How To Apply for a Student Visa In Gabon



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