How to Apply for a Tax Patent In Benin

 Apply for a Tax Patent In Benin By Online

First deposit
  1. It is recommended to visit your local Small Business Tax Center office The office address and contact information is listed below. the contact information and address. You will need to send the verified accounts to your manager for them to be reviewed and to obtain an official liquidation slip. Note: Liquidation is calculated based on the financial statements from year N-1.
  2. Go to the office for signing At this point, you will be given the form called a clearance form to fill in where you write down the amount you would like to pay. Then, you must submit the forms to the signing agent who will then provide you with CIPE N1 Imputation/Charge sheets. This process is only required when the taxpayer wishes to settle the deposit.
  3. Then , go towards go to the CIPE N1 IT Unit and send the CIPE N1 charge sheets, a clearance form IT Cell agent who will determine the amount that needs to be paid to obtain the license on the system. Then, they will issue the documents back to you.
  4. If you’d like to make the first installment of your license fee visit the CIPE Box N1 section , and present the clearance sheets, charge sheets and CIPE N1 to the cashier. She will verify the amount to be paid through the system and tell that you make a payment against it then issue a receipt for payment”CIPE” and return the documents.
  • Second deposit
  1. In the days prior to the expiry date at which you will be required to pay the second installment payment plan, return to the Small Business Tax Center office with the Receipt (CIPE) to pay the first installment (original) and in the event that you already have the tax notices, they must bring them along and take them to the office of signing to be checked by the agent who signed them and receive the CIPE N1 charge sheets or imputation sheets.
  2. Head for then the CIPE N1 IT Unit and for an IT Cell agent who then saves the information from the charge sheet into the database and send it to the cashier section in order to allow the payment process to be completed. The IT agent will return the document file to you.
  3. Go towards go to the CIPE Box N1 and send the document to the cashier. They will then check the amount that needs to be paid by the system and tell you to make the payment and issue you a receipt for the payment”CIPE” and the document return the file.
  • Fill in for Bankruptcy.
  1. Then, you should go to the accounting department of the Small Business Tax Center office and present the financial statement (original plus 4 plain copies) at the office of the accountant to process.
  2. The processing time of the documents will be within three to four working days. Go to the account department and get the valid financial statements and the notice of collection on the National ID card.
  3. After that, go into then the CIPE Box N1 and send the collection notice to the cashier for them to verified, and you will be advised to pay the license fee. This is due in two installments i.e. The first one before the end January, and the second by the end April. Once you have of the fee required you will receive the license.

Required Documents For Apply for a Tax Patent 

  • Financial statements that are valid (original)
  • National identity card
  • Clearance copy 3 copies
  • CIPE N1 imputation sheet
  • Receipt CIPE receipts 3 copies
  • Financial statement (original + 4 plain copies)
  • Notice of collection

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact: Cotonou 01 BP 369 Cotonou
Tel: 21 22 50 17


  • Companies and businesses that are in the process of filing for bankruptcy due to financial strain in Benin


  • The fee for a license differs between cities

Processing Time

  • The processing time between various processing stages is generally between 2-4 working days

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • Address of the residence of the business/company
  • Financial statement details

Need to have the Document

  • Tax patents are patent that identifies and states the method or system to reduce or defer taxes for a company or business who are in bankruptcy due to financial difficulties.


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    How to Apply for a Tax Patent In Benin

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