How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cambodia

How To Apply for a Transit Visa In Cambodia

A person who wishes to apply for a transit visa will have to go through the same procedure as the other type of visas in Cambodia.

1. First , the applicant needs to be aware of the transit visa option that he/she wants to be applying for. It could be a business or tourism visa.

2. Find the closest Cambodia visa-issuing organization or diplomatic mission. Lists of such agencies may be viewed at or at;

3. Go to the designated agency to learn more about the information needed to get the visa;

4. Fill out the application form correctly;

5. Attach copies of all necessary documents to the filled-in application forms.

6. Make the required payments and include a copy of the payment receipts to the application.

7. After that, submit the an application to the agency that issued the license and then wait for a response.

Documents that are required Apply for a Transit Visa

1. Valid passport

2. Recent passport photographs

3. Visas and tickets for travel

4. Flight itinerary

5. Medical clearance certificate

6. The payment slips

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Cambodian High commissions, Embassies or Consulate offices.

A list is available at or at

2.Ministry of International Cooperation and Foreign Affairs

No.3, Samdech Hun Sen Street, Sangkat Tonle Bassac,

Khan Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Tel: (855) 23 214 441, 23 216 122, 23 224 973

Fax: (855) 23 216 144, 216 141

General Email:


3.The Immigration Department

National Police

5 Oknha Mean Street

Phnom Penh


What Are All The Eligibility

Someone who plans to travel by Cambodia and continue his or travels to a third country in not exceeding 3 (3) three (3) days.


Transit Visa 10


1. Transit visas for up maximum five (5) days

2. Maximum stay of three (3) days

Documents to Utilize

Sample application form can be downloaded from

Processing Time

  • Normal processing from seven (7) to the ten (10) work days

Visa on arrival twenty-two thirty thirty minutes


1. In Cambodia the transiting person must be granted the option of obtaining a visa

2. A candidate must have a valid passport.

3. The applicant must be traveling to a different destination

4. The applicant must possess visa and tickets for the next leg prior to entering Cambodia;

5. The applicants may not be permitted to leave the immigration zone after arrival.

6. You are not allowed to stay beyond the visa granted time limit;

7. Visas can be obtained prior to or at the time of arriving in the country.

8. Make yourself aware of rules, laws and regulations of the immigration department.

9. Access the designated entry points

10. Be aware of restricted or prohibited items, materials, and substances.

11. You should have enough money to support you in the country

12. Candidates must travel within most minimal amount of time

Requirements Information

1. The name and address for the the applicant

2. The country of origin / nationality

3. Age Sex, Marital Status and Age

4. The duration of your stay in the country

5. Information about the third destination

6. Onward flight details

7. Specifics of the visa and ticket to a third destination

8. Information on the person who is traveling (number number, name address, details of passport and the age)

The Document is required Apply for a Transit Visa

A transit visa issued in Cambodia is often referred to by the name D-visa. It is a single-entry visa that is issued to foreigners who are planning be able to enter entry points in Cambodia to a third country. As with other visas transit visa, one is issued in Cambodia will be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation via authorized diplomatic embassies and agencies in other countries or at entry points upon arriving in the country.

Information that can be useful

  • It is vital to know that travelers cannot make a trip cancellation within the country of transit (Cambodia);
  • Travelers with the same fright to travel to a different destination might not require the need for a Cambodian visa, but they must remain in the transit zone until they board for their onward journey.
  • The holders of Philippine, Singaporean and Malaysian passports don’t require travel visas for transit to travel via Cambodia for travel to other countries.
  • Passports from Sri Lanka, Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran Saudi Arabia and Sudan need visas prior to traveling to Cambodia since they cannot be granted visas at entry points of Cambodia.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Relationship is built / improved between all three (3) countries i.e. the country from which it originates, the transit country and destination country.

2.Holders of an entry visa may pass through Cambodia into another country.

3.It assures security because every visitor follows the same security and legal procedures.

4.The country earns extra revenue;

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