How To Apply for a work permit In Gabon

How To Apply for a work permit In Gabon

First step The first step is to submit the documents in the department of Labour and Human resource in Gabon in the first instance. Company is sponsoring you. A revised version of the commercial register of the company proves that the business is existent inside the territory. The tax card of the company is can be used to pay taxes for the Government.

Step 1

To apply for a visa to work, the applicant should have a work offer from an Gabon company.

Step 2

  • The business initiates the process by submitting a request for approval to the Work Department in the Ministry of Labour and Human resource to obtain a visa for work by supplying a copy the applicant’s passport along with an invitation letter that was prepared by the company, as well as the necessary fees.
  • The power of attorney will be granted by the business for the officer who will be responsible for executing the work permit procedure for the company’s behalf.

Step 3.

The work department accepts the application and forwards one version to Department of Documentation and Immigration in Libreville Gabon.

Step 4

The Department of Documentation and Immigration creates the official “work Visa Approval” and then faxes the approved version to Gabon Embassy in the country of the country of.

Step 5

The applicant goes to the Embassy, pays the required feesand then secures the visa stamp on the passport of the applicant.

Documents that are required work permit

  • Valid passport valid for 6 months
  • Seven passport photos
  • Two copies of the incorporation agreement
  • Two copies of the Tax ID card
  • A copy of two academic credentials (university degrees , etc.)
  • Copy of the commercial register from the employer
  • The licensing requirements for practicing professions.
  • Letter from employer explaining reasons for why it was necessary to employ foreign national
  • The approval of the relevant authority is required to the profession
  • A representative from the employer who will be the sponsor of the work permit
  • Negative HIV test for negative HIV
  • The approval comes from the State Security organ in Gabon

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Labour & Human Resources

Bote Postale 2256,


Telephone: +241(1) 732-739

Ministry of Economy, Finance, Budget & Privatisation

Bote Postale 165,


Telephone: +241(1) 763-763

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Anyone who wants for work permits in Gabon is required to obtain a Work Permit.
  • You’ll require an authorization to enter the State Security authorities in Gabon.
  • Additionally, you will need to prove that you have an acceptable health report.
  • This involves taking an HIV test as well as being Ebola completely free.


Fees charged go up to $1000


It’s valid for one year after which you must renew it. Employers will usually manage the renewal procedure.

Processing Time

The process could take up to six months, so you must plan ahead.

Requirements Information

  • One can obtain the Work permit form at the Ministry of Labour and Human resource Office in Libreville.
  • For workers who may have a different status than Gabon the employer will be able to obtain the appropriate form.
  • All applicants must submit a variety of documents to back their application.

Documentation is needed

  • If you’re looking you apply to get a permit to work that will permit workers to operate in Gabon there are a variety of possibilities based on your abilities and experience. People who have a high level of expertise with qualifications and work experience might want to apply to the work Migrant Program that will grant them to enter the Gabon and find work. Anyone who applies through this method will be allowed entry into the Gabon for two years. However, they are able to remain longer if they show they are employed full-time employment after the two-year period has come completed.
  • Another alternative is to apply for a working permit. The process of obtaining a work permit in Gabon requires a sponsoring letter from an employer in the local area If you decide to change employers the permit to work must be modified as well. It is not permitted to obtain a work permit on your own Your prospective employer is required to submit an application on your behalf. If you’re an employment permit,, it is only applicable to the employer that made the request for. It is not possible to go and employ a different employer with it. You cannot obtain an employment permit for work on contract.
  • This makes having an Gabon work permit extremely challenging for contractors because they generally have short-term contracts and are often changing employers.
  • The reason for this is that applying for a work visa requires a certified professional who has the expertise to obtain the work permit on behalf of you.
  • The most difficult part of obtaining the work permit you need for a work permit in Gabon that contractors can obtain is to find an ongoing sponsor for the duration that you are in Gabon. The volume of administrative tasks needed to modify your work permit, is an immense administrative load. Expect to lose time and stress if you continue to change clients.
  • If you’ve obtained Indefinite Leave for Retention in Gabon then you don’t require an authorization to work.
  • To be qualified to be eligible for Leave to Remain that allows non-citizens to stay and work in Gabon for whatever time period you like you must be a resident and worker inside Gabon for Gabon for twoto five years or more.

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How To Apply for a work permit In Gabon
How To Apply for a work permit In Gabon



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