How to Apply for Admission to Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) In Jamaica

Apply for Admission to Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) In Jamaica By Online

Apply Online

  1. To apply for admission to Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), submit your application online by visiting the CMI website:Link
  2. On the website under the information bar, click on “ADMISSION” and select “How To Apply” to go to the apply online page
  3. Read the provided information as you scroll down the page and click on the “APPLY NOW” button to go to the sign-up page
  4. Enter your email address, name, and complete the Captcha correctly then click on “Sign up”
  5. You will then receive a notification informing you to check your email to activate your account
  6. Go to your email account and open the email from the Caribbean Maritime. Read the email and save your provide user name then click on the provided link to create your password and login to complete your application
  7. Upon opening the link, you will be directed to the password page, enter your new password as instructed and complete the captcha and then click on the “RESET PASSWORD” button
  8. After successfully creating your password, log in to your account by entering your email account and the password
  9. In your account read the provided instructions and click on the “Create” button to go to the online application form
  10. Complete all the mandatory fields from Step one by entering the “Application and Personal details” and then save
  11. Complete all the steps of the online form. Note that on step seven, you will be required to upload supporting documents for your application and identification
  12. Upon completing the online application form review the complete application and submit it for processing
  13. After submitting, your application will be assessed by the relevant CMI authority to determine if you meet the required standards for admission
  14. After the assessment, you can log in to your account to see the progress or results of your application
  15. The CMI will also send you an email to inform you if your application is successful or not

Required Documents For Apply for Admission to Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) 

  • Birth Certificate
  • TRN (required of Jamaican nationals)
  • Passport-sized photo. (.jpg or .png format only)
  • Exam results and other qualification documents (if applicable)
  • Passport Details page (required of International applicants)
  • Photo Identification Document (Driver’s license or National ID)
  • Reference letter
  • Mature Entry Portfolio (Required if Applicable)


Office Locations & Contacts

Caribbean Maritime University
Address: Norman Manley Highway Palisadoes Park,
P.O. Box 8081Kingston C.S.O., Kingston Jamaica
Tel: +1-876-924-8150, +1-876-618-2408+1-876-924-8158
Contact details: Link


  • National and foreign students who wish to join Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) are eligible to apply



  • The application is free

Processing Time

  • Singin up for the account is processed instantly while the application for admission may take some time to be processed



  • Your login session will run out if your account remains inactive for 50 minutes and remember to keep saving your application to avoid losing data


Required Information

  • Application and Personal Details
  • Source of funding
  • Education information
  • Examination results
  • Reason for application
  • Emergency Contact
  • Supporting documents


Need for the Document

  • If you are interested in joining the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), you will need to submit your application for admission through the online process

External Links

  • Caribbean Maritime University: Link



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