How to Apply For Apply for a National Residence Permit in Hungary

Apply For Apply for a National Residence Permit in Hungary

How to apply for an National Permit to Residence Permit

  • Visit the appropriate authority 
  • to make an application.
  • Complete and submit the application form with any other necessary documents.
  • The process of applying for the card involves collecting your biometric information (facial picture as well as fingerprints).
  • After submitting your application, after submitting your application, you will be asked to sign a statement that, in the event your application is denied and you are unable to accept the decision, you will quit the territory of EU States. States.

Extension of National Residence Permit

  • You could get the validity of your National Residence Permit extended for an additional 5 years and 30 days before expiration.
  • The application must be submitted for an extension to the Immigration and Naturalization Office in your home country of Hungary.
  • You must complete your application by mail, or in person. If having a medical issue and the requirement to be present in person could be disregarded.

Required Documents For a National Residence Permit

  • The completed application form.
  • 1 passport-size photograph
  • Valid Passport

The application should specify precisely the location where the applicant is living while in Hungary. The address must be verified by a proof document that proves the property belongs to the person applying (30 days old deed copy) Rent tenancy contract or any other valid documents.

Office Locations and Contacts

Office of Immigration and Nationality

1117 on Cape Road 60 Public Sztregova II

Tel: 36 1 463-9100

Budapest County Regional Directorate

1117 Budapest in Cape Street 60

Tel: 36 1463-9100

1104 Bp Dew U. 131

Tel: 36 1433-0492

-1075 Bp Charles street 11

Tel: 36 1323-3189

Fax: 36 1323-3168

Others Contact Numbers


  • The issue of the National Residence Permit for the first time is completely free.
  • The administrative service fee, which is EUR 10,000 is required for your permit to be renewed or extended. This amounts to the cost of stamps which must be paid on the submission of your application.


National Residency Permits are valid up to five years and can be extended to another 5 years.

Processing Time

The process of processing your renewal or extension could take around 21 days.

The Information You Need

The form of application required for National Residence Permit National Residence Permit shall state the applicant’s name, nationality (statelessness) or other data from a passport education background, qualification as well as marital or occupational status. The applicant must also declare any previous violations such as expulsions or sanctions or if they have previously applied for the permit but was denied. Details regarding the applicant’s health condition will also be required to be disclosed whether or not he/she was suffering from any infectious disease or other pathogenic diseases.

The document is needed

The following are steps to follow to apply for the National Residence Permit.

External Links

  • The Immigration and Naturalization Office of Hungary:\



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