How To Applying for citizenship In Cameroon

How To Applying for citizenship In Cameroon

  • Prior to submitting an application for citizenship, the applicant should familiarize him and herself with the people of Cameroon.
    • Learn about how laws are interpreted, the rules and regulations that regulate the country, and also learn about the customs and traditions of the country. Details about the Cameroonian law is available by contacting
  • Following the above steps procedure, the candidate must figure out if they can be considered a citizens of Cameroon.
    • Candidates who qualify must belong to one of the following categories: born in Cameroon either a female or a female who has been married to the spouse of a Cameroonian or the child was born in another country to (a) Cameroonian(s).
    • Foreigners who have worked or lived in Cameroon for a long time may be eligible to be granted Cameroonian citizenship after meeting a requirements.
  • If a candidate is found to be that they are eligible to receive Cameroon citizenship, the person applying is then required to visit an authorized department of immigration to tell the official in charge of citizenship matters about his intention to obtain Cameroon citizenship.
    • A person who is not from Cameroon in this instance, visits in the offices of the national representative of Cameroon in the country of residence to discuss acquiring citizenship rights.
    • The representative’s office could be an Embassy/Consulate office or the High Commission from Cameroon. Nation of Cameroon.
  • Get application forms from an immigration agency in Cameroon and complete them.

The immigration officer, after having analyzed the an application decides to accept or deny the application.

Documents Required Applying for citizenship

1. Photo identification;

2. Birth certificate;

3. Certificate of police clearance;

4. The consent of the parents and

5. Evidence of residency. .

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of External Relations

Yaound, Cameroon

Phone: +237 222 03026

Fax: +237 222 00133

What Are All The Eligibility

The applicant must be aged twenty-one (21) years old or older.


Citizen is valid so it is not refuse to acknowledge the right. However, it is possible to lose it in the following circumstances:

1.authority is aware that the citizenship was conferred in error; or

2.An applicant had submitted false documents when applying, and this was not the only reason.


1. Prior to submitting an application, a foreigner must verify that he/she is currently in Cameroon on a valid Visa;

2. Make sure you are able to adhere to the rules, laws and rules of Cameroon;

3. Be prepared to defend Cameroon should the need arise;

4. All documents to be submitted must be genuine certified copies;

5. Make sure you get the correct forms that are appropriate for the needs of the applicant.

6. Make sure that, at the time of submitting your application, the principal interest is in Cameroon;

7. Should possess good morals.

8. Must have a sound mind and body

Requirements Information

1. Information about the applicant (name and postal address)

2. Country of birth/residence of the applicant

3. Original Nationality

4. Sex, marital and age sexual sex

5. Parents’ information (name and residence, address, occupation (country of residence, name, address, occupation)

6. The date of birth (applicant along with parents)

7. Information about children and dependants (below twenty-one (1) years old and not married) must be included on application

Need to have the Document

Citizenship is the term used to describe being a citizen of a particular country. The Cameroon citizenship is resident or national of Cameroon.

In Cameroon it is possible to obtain citizenship when a person is native to the nation, or born from Cameroon parent(s) or an individual who is married to with a Cameroon citizen or has lived or worked within Cameroon over a minimum of five years.

Information that could be helpful

1.It is crucial to know the fact that Cameroon as a nation has no requirement for filling out and submitting citizenship applications online or beyond within Cameroon borders.

2. When a person obtains Cameroon nationality , it automatically grants it to minors who are unmarried and have no children.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

1.Citizenship is a brand new official citizen to Cameroonian community. Cameroonian community.

2.Acquiring Cameroon citizenship means commitment to the country and everything that it represents.

3.It confers a right on the holders to vote and to participate in state-wide elections.

4.It permits a person be employed in any part of the nation.

5.Citizenship permits one to have the travel documents of the country i.e. passport

6.It allows freedom of movement.

7.The owner has the right to receive assistance from Cameroon officials while abroad

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