How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Cambodia

How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Cambodia

1.When an asylum applicant arrives in Cambodia the country, he or she must go to the refugee center as soon as is possible.

  • In the office, the asylum seeker has to fill out the applications to be granted asylum.

2.The application must be submitted with supporting documents.

3.When the submission is completed after which refugee officers examine the documents submitted to verify that they are genuine copies.

  • In the process of assessing, the applicant is referred to an interview. Further investigations are carried out if needed;

4.Thereafter the applicant must wait until the office of refugee to determine whether to accept or deny the application.

Documents that are required Asylum Visa

1.Proof of nationality, such as passport, national identity card or drivers license, among others.

2.Proof of age such as birth certificates, vaccination records or any other form of document that proves the age of a specific person

3.Proof of marriage

4.Any other documents of identification

5.Documents that establish the relationship between dependents (if there are any)

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Cambodia Immigration Department

Confederation de la Russie Blvd (110),

12406 Phnom Penh

Telephone: 023 890 380

Fax: 023 890 439

2.Ministry of the Interior (MOI)

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Telephone: (023) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142

3.Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFAIC)

No. 3 Samdech Hun Sen Street Sangkat Tonle Bassac Khan Chamcarmon

Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia

Tel: (023) 214 441 / 216 146 / 216 122

Fax: (023) 216141 / 216144 / 216939

Email: ,


What Are All The Eligibility

The applicant must have a grounded fear of persecution in the country where they reside;


Free no cost


The status obtained is valid the duration of time that fear exists


1.Upon arriving into the United States, the asylum seeker must inform authorities of their presence;

2.Immediately complete the application

3.An applicant must have a valid reason to be able to enter the country

4.Applications should be submitted together with all supporting documents

5.Submit as many identity documents as you are able;

6.Always have original documents with you for an interview

7.Be prepared to comply with the rules, laws and regulations of your country you’re applying to if the application is approved

8.During their time in the country, the applicants must not take part in activities that are against the public interest.

9.Should not be at war with your home country or any other country.

10.Prosecution is not the result of committing a serious crimes against humanity.

11.Must be a non-participant in any activities against other countries while within the country

12.Rights can be cancelled in the event of a need;

Requirements Information

1.Name of asylum applicant

2.Sex age, marital status


4.Place of the place of

5.Detailed description of the persecution occurring in the home country

6.Details on any relatives members who you want to deal with

7.Daily routines and living conditions (if currently in the country)

The Document is required Asylum Visa

Asylum is the legal status obtained by a citizen of a foreign country within a specific country to be able to enjoy protection from persecution in their the home country. Persecution must be the result of war, or on religious, political , or tribal disputes. In order to apply for asylum, it is to apply for legal protection in a foreign nation. In Cambodia the asylum applicants are dealt with by the immigration minister , with assistance from world-wide organizations.

Information that could be useful to him

It is crucial to remember that Cambodian law doesn’t protect refugees from having to be sent back to the country where they might be brutally murdered or tortured;

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • It provides protection to those who are escaping home because of fear;
  • If successful, the applicants get a room to stay should they require it;
  • Candidates can enjoy advantages of society, including access to food, medical services and others.
  • Successful applicants are entitled to apply for documents for travel, citizenship, as well as national identification documents. They also are eligible to be employed within the country.

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