How To Apply for Citizenship In Cambodia

How To Apply for Citizenship In Cambodia

1.Go into the Ministry of Interior and find the necessary requirements for obtaining Cambodian citizenship.

2.Organize all required documents and create copies of them then submit the application along with copies of all the documents required with the Department of Citizenship of the Interior Ministry.

3.When applications and documents are submitted, department’s citizenship officers will go through the documents to verify the information.

  • When it comes to verification investigation, interviews and other investigation are also conducted.

4.After the verification process, a decision is taken. If a decision is made the application can be accepted or rejected.

5.After taking a decision the applicant is notified of his decision via written If the application is accepted the application is made public to let anyone who has concerns to forward a claim.

6.When the time for publication is up and nobody has filed any objection, the petitioner must swear oath in front of a judge.

7.After taking oath the document is then signed and it is declared as a citizens of Cambodia.

Documents Required Apply for Citizenship

1.Proof the birth date (Birth Certificate);

2.Recent passport photographs;

3.Identification Documents (Identity card passport, driving permit or identification card);

4.Proof of residential address examples of utility bills.

5.Police authorization certificate

6.Medical clearance certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

1.Cambodian Embassy, High Commissions or Consulate offices. The list can be found at

2.Ministry of the Interior (MOI)

Department of Statistics and Passports,

No. 275, Norodom, Phnom Penh

Tel: (023) 426 494/ 880 631/ 428 142


What Are All The Eligibility

1.Citizenship via birth could be obtained by a person born to unknown parents in Cambodia or by a child born to non-citizen parents that were birthed in Cambodia.

2.Citizenship through descent is gained in the event that a child was legally born to the Cambodian father or mother regardless of the place of birth.

3.Citizenship through marriage is acquired by a foreign woman who is married to the spouse of a Cambodian citizen.

4.Applicants for naturalization as a condition of citizenship must be non-natives who have been in Cambodia for at 7 (7) seven (7) years, and are currently a part of the Cambodian community.


Citizenship is not valid for a time however it is possible to renounce it or even cancelled if the holder does anything in violation of rules of law in the nation,, for example, by joining an international group that is a threat to the Cambodian government, or joining a foreign military.


1.Applicant must reside in the country when they submit their application. the submission of their application.

2.Applicant must be able to comply with the rules, laws and rules and

3.To be eligible for citizenship through descendance, the child needs to be officially acknowledged by one of their parents;

4.Being born in the borders of Cambodia does not guarantee citizenship. A person must satisfy the requirements

5.A foreign bride wed to the son of a Cambodian man can obtain Cambodian citizenship at the time of the wedding;

6.Applicants must be good-looking and in good health.

7.Foreigners need to submit an application for Cambodian citizenship via naturalization

8.Applicants to be naturalized citizens must meet the requirement for residence;

9.Applicants should be fluent in the culture and language of Cambodia;

10.Applicants must demonstrate that they are not burdens to the nation in the event of being granted citizenship, and must possess a stable and dependable methods of support

11.Birth in the borders of Cambodia is not a guarantee of citizenship.

12.Citizenship through marriage can only be requisitioned after 3 (3) year of marriage and living together following the marriage registration.

13.The residency condition for any foreigner who was born in Cambodia who has continuously been there for at most seven(7) years can be reduced by three (3) years.

14.In order to be able to become a citizen without having to meet the required criteria, a foreigner must have demonstrated exceptional merit or achieved for the benefit of Cambodia and have evidence;

15.Child(ren) younger than eighteen (18) years old (if there is any) and their spouses may be listed on a citizenship application form.

16.A foreign national who wishes to change his or her name must state the new name in writing in the application for naturalization to be able to apply for the Khmer name.

17.Any citizen who is at age 18 may apply without any force to give up his or his or Cambodian citizenship upon obtaining another citizenship.

The Information You Need

1.Name and postal address the applicant

2.Age, gender as well as marital status of the applicant

3.Original citizenship of the applicant

4.Profession of the applicant

5.Name as well as address for parents

6.Nationality and the occupation of parents

7.Age that parents are and the country of residence)

8.Details of children or dependants If they are included on the application

The document is needed

Citizenship is the act of being a citizen of a specific country. Citizenship can be obtained by birthor through naturalization. Cambodia citizens can obtain citizenship through naturalization, birth descent, marriage, or birth. The issues of citizenship in Cambodia are managed by the Ministry of Interior. Ministry of Interior

Information that can be useful

1.Dual citizenship isn’t recognized.

  • It is only the Cambodian woman who is married to an international who is allowed to keep her Cambodian citizenship after acquiring her husband’s nationality, unless she is required to abandoning it according to the laws of her husband’s country of residence.

2.Applicants of naturalization as a means to become citizens must note that naturalization isn’t right, but merely an act of kindness to the kingdom of Cambodia;

  • Thus, it is important to be aware that the application can be either accepted or denied by a mandatory authority.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.Being an citizen of a nation allows an individual to reside there the time wants,

2.Citizenship permits the holder to acquire an identity card for the country and travel documents for the country.

3.A citizen can enjoy benefits such as freedom of expression and movement right to education, and right to work among others;

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