How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Gabon

How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Gabon

  • 1.When refugees arrive, they must begin by locating the closest refugee office within the country. This could be one of any offices belonging to the National Commission for Refugees or any other office of a partner organisation that deals with refugees’ issues.
  • 2.Then applicants are instructed to visit the designated office to learn more about the requirements needed to when applying to be granted an asylum application in this country.
  • 3.Thereafter the applicant must submit all required documents with the application to the designated office;
  • 4.When an application is made and received, representatives from the government and partner organizations in Gabon look over the submitted documents and the applicant is questioned to determine their eligibility.
  • 5.If accepted the asylum seeker is granted refugee status.
  • 6.When it is decided that refugee status has been granted the applicant receives an acknowledgment of the status of refugee.
  • 7.When the refugee certificate status is due to expire, refugees who wants to stay within the country may apply for residency to remain within Gabon as regular immigrants. In this situation, refugees apply for a residence permit that allows them to remain for a period of time in Gabon at the General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) and after approval by it will issue the residence card. General Directorate of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) issues the residence card to the refugee.

Documents Required Asylum Visa

1.Identification documents of an asylum applicant

2.Proof of the nationality of asylum seeking person

3.Marriage certificate (in the case of an unmarried spouse)

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate for Documentation and Immigration

Ministry of Interior, Security & Immigration


National Commission for Refugees

Ministry of Interior, Security & Immigration


UN refugee Agency

Place de l’Indpendance

Derrire le Mont de Cristal


Telephone: +241 766 159

Fax: +241 766 160


United Nations High Commission for Refugees

BP 20472 – Libreville

(241) 77 82 62

What Are All The Eligibility

Foreigners should be running free from the threat of persecution due to religious, political or ethnic distinctions in the country of origin.


Costs for administrative fees to obtain an residence card of 150,000 CFA (approximately USD 300)


1.An applicant should ensure that they have legitimate and valid reasons to be afraid in their home country;

2.Cause of persecussion should not be based on committing a grave human rights violation in your home country.

3.Applicants must be able to follow the regulations and rules of the country.

4.If an asylum application is accepted, the person seeking asylum is not allowed to engage in activities that harm the national interest;

5.Applicants are not required to be involved engaged in war with any nation;

6.A refugee from Gabon cannot get an employment permit;

7.Approved candidates are recommended to always have ID documents to avoid being harassed and reprimanded from the authorities.

The Information You Need

1.Full identity of asylum applicant

2.Sex, age and marital status of asylum seekers

3.Nationality and country of origin of asylum seekers

4.Cause of persecution or fear

5.Details of dependents (if there are any) as well as spouse (if married) are included on the application

The Document is required Asylum Visa

Asylum is the term used to describe protection by a specific government that is granted to foreigners fleeing from their country due to insecurity or fear of being targeted by. Refugees who apply for asylum seek asylum in a different country. The refugee issue in Gabon are managed by the government, through the National Commission for Refugees together with partner organisations.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.It allows a refugee to remain in the country

2.Upon acceptance, an asylum seeker gains the right to enjoy the benefits as a refugee in the country

3.It gives the security of a person who is running away from the country to avoid persecution;

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How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Gabon
How To Apply for Asylum Visa In Gabon



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