How To Apply for Business Certificate In Gabon

How To Apply for Business Certificate In Gabon

A business certificate issued in Gabon is obtained in the incorporation process for entities that are registered in the country. Therefore, applicants must follow the steps of registering a business to get the certificate. These steps follow:

1.An applicant should begin by locating a legally-qualified person (a notary or attorney or a lawyer) who will help in the registration or incorporation process;

2.The applicant along with the legal entity contracted initiates this process with making reservations for an address for the company. In this instance the name is chosen and the applicant along with the lawyer contacted conducts an inquiry to determine the availability of the name. when the name is found then the applicant can proceed with the registration process.

3.The applicant is then responsible for opening an account for the business. The account should be registered under the name that is reserved. If the name isn’t yet set, it must be be opened under the word company registered.

4.After an account is opened, the company is required to deposit the business’s initial capital . It should not lower than the minimum capital needed to incorporate a business in the country. Proof of deposit must be obtained.

5.Thereafter the applicant moves on by drafting, signing and signing documents of incorporation for the business. At this point the legally-contracted person helps in the preparation for the constitution. Then, directors of the company are required to take them into their presence in the presence of the legal representative.

6.After the signing, the article of incorporation is put in the bank and recorded at the notary public who will issue a certification of the payment of the initial capital

7.Thereafter the applicant will proceed with registration with the Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion of Investment”) which is the Centre de Dveloppement des Entreprises. In this instance, the applicant submits documents to register with different institutions. This includes the registration of the company’s laws with the Ministry of Finance (Administration de Domaines) and registration with the clerk of the court at the Ministry of Justice and filing with tax authorities. In this instance, once documents are received at they are sent to the Centre de Dveloppement des Entreprises transmits the documents to institutions that are in the vicinity, who look at the documents, review them , and then either decide to approve or deny registration.

8.When the registration is approved The applicant will be able to pay for the necessary fees and a receipt will be issued as proof of payment.

9.Thereafter an announcement of the company’s registration is released in an official journal for a specified time. This is to permit those who do not accept the registration to file an objection.

10.If there is no objection the business is registered and a certificate of business is issued.

Documents Required Business Certificate

1.Copy of the company’s law

2.Copies of the identification documents of directors of all

3.Police certification of clearance for directors

4.Initial capital deposit slips

5.Payment slips

6.Signed Articles of Association

Office Locations and Contacts

The Agence de Promotion des Investissements Privs (APIP),

BP 13740 Libreville GABON

Telephone Number. : (241) 76 87 66.

The Minister for Small-Medium Sized Enterprises & industries

Bote Postale 3096,


Telephone: 241 (1) 745-425

What Are All the Eligibility

Anyone who is a trader and meets the specifications can apply for an enterprise certificate in Gabon


1.Reserving the name of the company CFA 25,00

2.Opening the bank account and depositing the initial capital charges

3.Deposit and register the company’s article of association in the Public Notary XAF 375,000

4.Registration at Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion d’Investissement”) CFA 190,000

  • Investment Promotion Agency (APIP) cost CFA 50,000
  • Registration fees CFA 60,000
  • Stamps CFA 80,000
  • The notice of the company’s creation in a journal of law (Hebdo-informations) XAF 60,000


The registration may be canceled when a company is in violation in accordance with laws of the state.

Processing Time

i.Reserving the name of the company for One (1) day

ii.Opening an account at a bank and depositing the initial capital 3 (3) days

iii.Deposit and file the company’s article of association to the public notary for fourteen (14) days

iv.Police Clearance Certificates for Directors of two (2) to the ten (10) days

v.Registration at Investment Promotion Agency (“Agence de Promotion d’Investissement”) thirty (30) days

vi.Publish your notice about the company’s formation in an official publication (Hebdo-informations) 2 (2) days prior to the date of incorporation.


1.An applicant must make sure that the company to be incorporated has the minimum capital needed;

2.Ensure your company has the minimum requirements for initial directors;

3.An applicant must make sure that the name he or she chooses for the entity isn’t misleading or confusing;

4.Before applying, ensure that the new business is able to meet the capital requirements for minimum capital (XOF 1,000,000);

5.A selected name shouldn’t be in violation of trademark laws, laws on copyright, or intellectual property deemed to be in Gabon;

6.Directors should have a good character.

The Information You Need

1.Name applicant under incorporation process;

2.Type of products or services that the incorporation process is created or the activities that the company is planning to undertake;

3.Physical and contact information;

4.Names and address of the directors of the company that is being formed;

5.Nationality director;

6.Company laws;

7.Amount of capital for the start-up of the business;

8.Details of bank account

9.Details of a legal entity who assists in the registration process;

The Document is required Business Certificate

A business certificate issued in Gabon is legal document issued to companies which are registered with the government. This can be obtained after incorporating businesses within the country. The incorporation of businesses in Gabon is carried out through the Centre de Dveloppement des Entreprises which is also known by the name of Investment Promotion Agency Agence de Promotion d’Investissement (APIP).

Information that could be helpful

  • A business certificate certifies the operation of a specific company.
  • A business with a certificate is recognized as a legitimate business by the government.
  • The process of registration allows the government to get complete information on a specific company;

Once companies are registered, they create jobs throughout the country.

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How To Apply for Business Certificate In Gabon
How To Apply for Business Certificate In Gabon



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