How To Apply for Category A Motorcycle Driver License In Cameroon

How To Apply for Category A Motorcycle Driver License In Cameroon

  • Visit the Licensing Office to apply for an motorcycle driver’s license.
  • Fill out an application form.
  • Send the completed form together with the other documents.
  • Take The Theory Test.
  • Make sure you pay the appropriate fee prior to getting your permit to learn. This permit will permit you to test your driving abilities (supervised) to prepare for the road test on motorcycles.
  • When you think you’re at your best, schedule an appointment for your road-test.
  • After passing the test make sure you pay all fees required.

You will receive a certificate stating that you passed the test on road and you are waiting for the issuance of your driver’s license. If you wait for a month, and you don’t have your motorcycle driver’s license yet, your license is renewed each month until you are issued your license. The license lasts for 10 years , and it is granted through the Ministry of Transport.

Documents that are required Category A Motorcycle Driver License

  • An authentic photocopy copy of the identity card.
  • Application form completed (stamped)
  • Cost of stamp 5 000 CFA dollars
  • Medical certificate issued for less than 3 months
  • Applicant’s Photos (4×4)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transport Website

What Are All The Eligibility

Minimum age requirement:

  • Category A 16 years old


Application costs: 20.000F (the price varies dependent on which driving schools)


For classes C, or C for 10 years

For classes A C, B or D and the license holders are 55 years old or more as well as holders of the class B, A and and C licenses between the ages of 55-60 5 years

For classes C, D and E holders older than 60 years old 1 year


If you’re thinking of applying for a motorcycle driver license, it is best to join a driving school. The training can take anywhere from one to two month or even longer based on the performance of the student.

The document is needed

A driving permit is an official document that allows a person to operate a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle or truck, car or a bus on a roadway that is public. It also serves as a proof of identification and evidence of the age of the driver.

Information that could be helpful

Driver License Categories:

A1 to drive a motorbike that has a cylinder capacity of not more than 125cm3, including the option of excluding Sidecar, tricycle, and quadricycle.

A. is valid to drive an automobile with an engine capacity of more than the 125m3 limit.

B is a Basic license. It’s permissible for driving vehicles with more than 9 seats including the driver as well as the transport of vehicles for goods with the maximum weight allowed not exceeding 3500kg, and the vehicles in this class, the trailer’s weight cannot exceed 750kg.

C to drive vehicles that transport goods, maximum allowable laden weight is 3500kg. The trailer cannot exceed 750 kg.

D to drive vehicles for passenger transportation, with over eight passengers (not including the driver’s) and other vehicles in this class, including trailers with a weight that does not exceed 750kg. Children younger than 10 count for half-up if their count is not more than 10.

E is applicable to driving cars that fall under category B, C, or D, hitched to a trailer, the maximum weight allowed for laden vehicles that exceeds 775kg.

F for vehicles that are permitted in the the A1, A and B categories, specifically designed or modified to allow for disabled persons. The permit is divided into FA1, FA, and FB.

G applicable to vehicles equipped with the following engines: tractors and public works machinery as well as industrial vehicle.

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