How to Apply for Cattle Trader’s License In Uganda

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  1. Permits and licenses for cattle traders is available from the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries within the division of Animal resources.
  2. An application for the issuance of a licence for cattle traders is to be made on Form I of the prescribed Schedule of this rules for the veterinarian within the location where the applicant plans to operate as a cattle dealer.
  3. The application should be accompanied by:
    • the fee prescribed by law;
    • two photographs that are not mounted of the applicant. These will be about two inches by 2 inches.
  4. Complete the application form 1 according to the instructions of the commissioner of livestock and entomology.
  5. Pay any applicable fees, based on the type and quantity of cattle that are to be traded during a specific time frame. include a copy of the pay slip of the Bank to the application.
  6. Send the application, together with the required documentation with the livestock commissioner and Entomology.
  7. If all the criteria have been met and approved by the commissioner of livestock and entomology officer can issue applicants with a the licence of a cattle trader.

Required Documents For Apply for Cattle Trader’s License

  • The completed application form is signed by the district of operation District Veterinarian.
  • Evidence that the applicant has not been found guilty of an crime under the Cattle Traders Act and the Animal Diseases Act.
  • The payment of local government revenues (varies in accordance with the different local government)
  • The proof of payment of the prescribed fee
  • two photographs that are not mounted of the applicant. These should be about two inches by two inches.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. (MAAIF)Lugard Avenue Entebbe
P.O. Box 102 Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 320 006
Contact Email:
Web site: Ministry of Agriculture

Director of Livestock and Entomology
Department of Animal Resources.
P.Box 513 Entebbe, Uganda
Plot 16-18 Lugard Avenue, Entebbe
Tel: +256 414 320 004
Tel: +256 414 320 627
Site: Directorate of fisheries resources


  • Applicant must demonstrate that they have the skills and resources to participate successfully in the business of cattle trade in order to be able to obtain this Licence.


  • License fees of Licence fees of 5,000 Ugshs.
  • Renewal Fee 5000 Ugshs.


Validity: 1 year

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 day.


  • The purpose of this law is to regulate trade in cattle in Uganda.
  • Anyone who makes a assertion that to the best of his or their knowledge is not true in any application to grant or renew of a licence for cattle traders or to endorse a licence , commits an offense against the Rules and is subject for the conviction of a judge to be punished with a fine that is not to exceed five hundred shillings, or to jail for a term of not more than three months or to both.
  • A licence issued pursuant to the Cattle Act cannot be transferred or assigned unless there is the written consent of the livestock commissioner.
  • An application for a cattle trading licences must be submitted in writing, using form 1, as the Veterinary Officer may require.
  • When renewing a cattle trader’s licence under the cattle trader Act, the Commissioner for livestock and entomology can make any changes to the licence and impose new conditions and terms as they deem appropriate.
  • The commissioner for livestock and entomology will be, if satisfied about the details provided in the application, and satisfied that the requirements in the Cattle traders Act and the regulations have been met renewal the license that the person is applying for for the following licensing year.
  • Not less than one month prior to the expiry date of a licence year, each holder of a cattle trader’s License who plans to renew their License, should submit a request to the commissioner for livestock in the prescribed way with the fee prescribed and any other documents or forms that could be required.

Requirements Information

  • Names as well as the physical and postal address of the Applicant
  • The application must be made in duplicate and filled out by the English language.
  • Send the form to the veterinarian officer within the location where the applicant is planning to sell.
  • Photograph dimension two inches by two inches (head and shoulders). (Not needed for an application for renewal of a license.)
  • Address and name of the principal or employer
  • Information on any crime against Animal Diseases
  • Information about any offence committed against the Cattle traders
  • Information about whether the applicant has been disqualified before for having a licence or permit in accordance with the Cattle Traders Act.
  • Signature and date of signatures on the vet officer.

Information that could be helpful

  • It is essential for applicants for the granting of cattle traders ‘ Licence to take the following factors in consideration prior to submitting an application for the licence.
  • the demands of the cattle industry to the general public;
  • the need for providing the cattle trading industry that is economical and efficient.
  • the coordination and transport of cattle in a specific area or throughout the whole of Uganda;
  • the agreement on the cattle policy in conjunction with neighboring districts villages , sub counties or countries.
  • A licence for cattle traders will be valid for the duration of the year of licensing and can be granted subject to the conditions and conditions that the veterinary officer thinks appropriate to impose.

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