How To Apply for Certificate and Residence Card In Algeria

How To Apply for Certificate and Residence Card In Algeria

What is the procedure to use it?:

  1. The applicant must visit the municipality near your residence and meet all the required documents.
  2. Contact the desk at the service counter and ask for assistance in your application in writing, and then submit the required documents to the official in attendance.
  3. The registrar will be in charge of scribing all necessary details like “first name first name, last name, and level of connection” on the residence form. The form is signed by the host
  4. Take a moment to wait while the process progresses and you will receive an residency form(residence card)

NOTE The residence certificate is issued in three instances:

  • National Identity Card CNI request
  • Request for a passport
  • Establishment of an political party.

It will also include, if appropriate it is appropriate, the description of the destination of the shipment:

  • Only valid on national identity cards
  • Valid only on travel passports.
  • Only valid for the declaration of the creation of a political party.

If you do not apply for the certificate for any of the situations, the certificate will be replaced with the residence form on presentation of the document below as a supporting document

Documents Required Certificate and Residence

  • A copy of title in force
  • The rental contract, or the final rent receipt,
  • Assignment copy to be used for official or for service accommodation
  • The most recent receipt of SONELGAZ services,
  • The most recent receipts from the WATER and TELEPHONE service,
  • Voter’s card,
  • Accommodation certificate,
  • Other official documents that justify the housing occupation.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior and local Authority:Adresse : Palais du government 01 Rue Dr. SAADANE ALGER
Telephone: +213
Website: Index

How To Apply for Certificate and Residence Card In Algeria
How To Apply for Certificate and Residence Card In Algeria


  • All Algeria citizens


The validity period extends for one calendar year (01) from the date of signature on the certificate of residence or 3 (03) months for the residence card.


  • The application is submitted in the municipality, in the place where the applicant resides across the country.

Requirements Information

  • Names of the applicants
  • The address of residence of the applicant
  • Age, gender and race of the applicant
  • The purpose of the application

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