How to Online Police Clearance Certificate In Italy

Step 1:First one should ensure that all necessary documents are available to be able to apply online. If you’d like to be aware of the required documents to complete this process, go to the following website : Required Documents for Police Clearance Certificate

Step 2:User is able to obtain the certificate via online. i.e. sending the request via mail. You can use the link below to download the online form: online form.

Italy PCC 1.gif

Step 3:Now fill in the form with all the information required and click the “Invia” tab, which will be highlighted in RED in the image below.

Step 4 : Use the form appropriate for your requirement and request for accessing the SIC which must be sent by PEC to the central register office as per the email ID:

Step 5:The appropriate public administration or the authority that manages the public utility is allowed to access the web through

Connectivity of databases OR

Certified Electronic Mail (PEC)

Step 6:The CERPA program – “Public Administration Certificates” (CERs) permits public administrations as well as managing authorities of public utilities to access directly to the Criminal Records Information System (Judicial register’s information system) in order to get the criminal record certificate (certificates of criminal records) and also the certificate from an administrative sanction registry that are dependent on criminality (certificate from the registry of administrative sanctions that are imposed in connection with crimes against the law).

Step 7:The Certificate will be given to the person who applied. A mark that is electronically generated, known as GLIFO that is comprised of the original document created by computer as well as its digital signature signed by the “Director of the Central Judicial Records Office”. The documents printed copies on every page bear GLIFO that can be read by special software to confirm whether the computerized document remains intact.



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