How to Apply for Certificate of Occupancy in Nigeria

Apply for Certificate of Occupancy in Nigeria by yourself

  • To apply for a Certificate of Occupancy on the spot, the applicant must go to at the offices of the Land Use and Allocation Committee of Nigeria.
  • The contact information and address from the Land Use and Allocation Committee can be found on the following link: contact link
  • Visit the office and pick up an application form that must be filled out to obtain an Occupancy Certificate from the department responsible.
  • Fill in the application forms by providing pertinent information for the sections that are relevant. Assert it with your signature when you’ve completed the form.
  • After you have completed an application for admission, be sure you attach all the required documents on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • After that, it should be submitted personally to the relevant office. Make the payment in the manner instructed by the official.
  • After submission, the application as well as the other supporting documents are submitted to be examined and verified.
  • After the verification and verification process is completed The application will then be approved by the authorities and they are then able to take the required measures to give the Certificate.
  • If documents are ready for collection, the applicant will be informed by the office. The applicant is able to collect it using any method that is appropriate.

Required Documents For Certificate of Occupancy


  • Application form completed
  • A letter to Executive Secretary
  • Income Tax payment proof
  • Recent Development Levy
  • Plan of Survey
  • Form of Allocation and receipt
  • Photographs of passport size (four numbers)
  • Receipt of payment

Non-State-Owned Lands:

  • The completed application form
  • Vital Information Formulation
  • Site Inspection Report

Office Locations and Contacts

Lands BureauBlock 13 and 14,
The Secretariat,
Alausa, Ikeja
Enquiries: 08177775128, 08177775129
Site: homepage link
Contact Link: contact link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Any landowner who would like to get a legal document proving ownership of his/her property, is able to apply.


Check out the next page for information on fees: fees details


  • After submitting the application the application, the applicant will receive acknowledgement slips as well as an offer letter. After that, the applicant has to complete the payment of fees.
  • The Applicant will receive a Confirmation Letter, which includes Block and Plot Number. Be aware that all payments are to be completed in full prior to the time that Plot and Block are assigned.
  • Then, His Excellency the Governor confirms the certificate of occupancy. The Governor forwards the file on to Land Registry for further processing that is registered with the Land Registry and then issued to the prospective applicant.

Requirements Information

  • Applicant particulars
  • Identification Card number
  • Email address and address details
  • Information about banks
  • Number of Land Registration
  • Specifics of the terrain
  • Other relevant details

Need to have the Document

  • Certificate of Occupancy is a form of document that landowners require as proof of legal ownership, issued from the Government of Nigeria.

Information that could be helpful

    • An incomplete application or incomplete information could result in the denial of your application from the requestor.

An Occupancy Certificate is a way to conceal the legality of a property, as well as serves as a protection of the rights of ownership.

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