How to Apply for change of Person in charge of Drug Shop during Licensing Period In Uganda

Apply for change of Person in charge of Drug Shop during Licensing Period In Uganda By Online

  1. To request a change in the one who manages the pharmacies during licensing time you must contact to the Council of Pharmaceutical society of Uganda office in Uganda.
  2. To request a change in the one of the people in charge of the drug Shop, forms for change of ownership should be completed and accompanied by the necessary documents listed on the list.
  3. Fill out the correct application form, which is accompanied by a certification of good practice (COP) request form, as stated from the society for pharmaceuticals of Uganda.
  4. The applicant should make sure that he or she has all the necessary documents needed to make this process successful. They are listed in”Required Documents. “Required Documents” section of this page.
  5. The payment of the appropriate fees must be made. The details of the payment is available in this page’s “Fees” section on this page.
    • Changeover charges will apply for staff members of a drug store who shifts their place of work in the course of a year. Transferring from one practice year to the next will not be subject to any fees for changeover.
  6. The application process is through the filling out an application form to the person in charge of the drug shop. Every staff member must provide their signature on the form. This will allow the secretariat to authenticate any documents issued by the staff members of the drug store both now and in the future.
  7. The application form should be complete with the name and qualification of the drug shop that is changing in charge in charge prior to the submission to the Secretariat.
    • Any changes in the drug staff members or the person in charge of the shop over the time of the year must be reported to the Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda.
  8. The person who is changing the staff at the Drug shop or the person in charge must have an DIN (Database identification number).This is obtained by the shop’s manager that is registered with Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and providing authentic academic and professional certificates.
  9. Complete the completely filled-in form along with the pay slip to Pharmaceutical Secretariat to allow further processing of the form.
  10. After the process is completed after which the society for pharmaceuticals will within 30 days of the receipt of your application grant the applicant with a permit to transfer a Drug shop staff member or an in-charge according to the prescribed manner after finding that
    • is properly is enrolled or registered as a drug store attendant.
    • It is not currently being removed from drug use.
    • Has complied with any other requirements that the pharmaceutical society can require, including the requirements of continuing professional education and to ensure the handover of a professional.
  11. Get your permissions letter from the place where you submitted your application within 30 days of the date your application was received by the Secretariat for Pharmaceuticals in case there isn’t a rejection.

Required Documents For Apply for change of Person in charge of Drug Shop during Licensing Period

  • Forms that are filled out completely for changing the staff of the drug shop.
  • Documentation of the payment of charges.
  • The qualifications of the Drug Shop staff.
  • Accredited copies of transcripts and academic certificates.
  • A recent passport size photograph.
  • The ID of the workplace should be included.
  • The evidence suggests that one directors in the company is pharmacist.
  • The certificate must be certified as a copy of registration issued by the supervisory pharmacist.
  • Letters of commitment from the supervising pharmacist and staff at the drug shop.
  • Certificate copy of a valid certificate of registration/enrollment with the relevant professional body for the Drug shop.
  • For retail or wholesale Drug Shops (veterinary) A copy of the certification from a qualified vet profession.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Drug Authority Secretariat office
Plot No. 19 Rumee Towers, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256-414-255665,
Tel: +256-414-347391/2
Fax :(256) 41-255758
Web site: National Drug Authority

The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda,
Pharmacy House
Plot 1847. Kyambogo, Banda.
P.O. Box 377 Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: 256-414-348-796
Website:Pharmaceutical society of Uganda


Anyone working in a Drug shop with a ID number from the database and is keen on changing between one shop and another within the license period, by contacting an agreement with the Council of Pharmaceutical society of Uganda is eligible to apply for this Letter of Permission.


Permission Cost 150,000 Ugshs.


Validity: A drug shop’s charges are valid for a lengthy period and you must apply for the right to switch jobs.

Processing Time

Maximum time 30 days.


  • Request for a change in the one in charge of a shop selling drugs will be submitted in writing to the National Drug Authority Management information system in writing , by filling out the form.
  • When a change of location or relocation is required, A new application has to be submitted. In the event that the certificate has been lost, the Pharmacist must in writing notify Council Council about the lost certificate and include the serial number, and attaching the police report. This must be done within five days from the losing the certificate.

Requirements Information

  1. Name and experience of the professional Auxiliary personnel.
  2. Place of work Identification card.
  3. Sex
  4. Nation
  5. Recent passport size photograph
  6. Education background
  7. Specialty
  8. Job title
  9. Data Base Identification Number (DIN Number)
  10. Qualification Certificate Number
  11. Exam Year
  12. Schools
  13. Time to go to work
  14. Practice Spaces
  15. Practitioners category
  16. Name of the Professional Auxiliary Staff
  17. Phone
  18. Mailing Address
  19. Zip Code
  20. Practitioners Pharmacist Registration Agency Examine Opinion

Information that could be helpful

  • Council urges pharmacists, the drug shop managers and their employers to codify their agreements with an agreement in writing signed by a licensed legal professional that clearly states the terms of engagement;
  • The place where work/services are to be carried out
  • The working hours for pharmacists or the Drug shop assistants.
  • The compensation for the work as well as other benefits as per the terms of agreement.
  • The obligations and roles of the pharmacist and employer
  • The contract terms and conditions with notice periods clearly outlined
  • Mediation and conflict resolution mechanisms participants to the dispute.
  • Please be aware that PSU cannot arbitrate in any situation except when it is specifically stipulated in the employment contract.
  • Drug stores are also urged to establish clear drug shop management guidelines to establish their operation.
  • NOTE: PSU has developed a model contract that its members can utilize to guide them through their work and is available on the PSU website.

Other uses of the document/certificate

  • Drug Shop Drug Shop business is regulated by professional businesses in accordance with the National Drug Policy and Authority Act CAP206 in the Laws of Uganda and regulation and certification of the suitability of the premises.
  • This Authority supervises and regulates Practice of Pharmacy and the manufacturing and Trade in drugs and poisons.
  • The Authority is aiming to take appropriate regulations to ensure the highest standards of safety, efficacy, and high quality in all medications such as chemical substances, medical devices that are locally produced or imported, exported and distributed, sold or otherwise used, in order to protect consumers as stipulated in the laws that regulate drugs currently in use in Uganda.

What are the functions of National Drug Authority Management information Service (NDAMIS)

  • Product Registration
  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Inspectorate

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