How to Apply for Parachute Operation Certificate In Uganda

Apply for Parachute Operation Certificate In Uganda By Online

  1. To apply for an application for a Parachute Operations Licence (POL) applicants must complete and submit the application form as prescribed by the Authority.
  2. This form can be obtained by visiting the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority.Website:Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
  3. After completing the application form all required documents and the application form need to be handed in by mail to UCAA office. You can also forward them to:
    Director General
    Uganda Civil Aviation Authority,
    P. O. Box 5536,
    Kampala, Uganda.
  4. It is mandatory to fill out the application together with all required documents. The documents you need to submit include:
    1. The document details the area of drop zones surrounding the target, expressed in nautical miles
    2. The document details the position of the centre area of drop zones, in relation to the closest airport, city or town; Certificate requirements for application for parachute operations certification 1830
    3. The document describing every altitude higher than the mean sea level at which an aircraft will operate in the event of parachutists or other objects falling from the aircraft
    4. The document containing your name, address and address of the one who is requesting the authorization or notifies of the parachute’s operation; and
    5. The document identifies names of air traffic control center with control of the airspace to the initial altitude of departure that will be used for parachuting.
  5. It is also necessary to pay the required application fees and then submit the receipt for payment along with the required documents. The application fee is charged for this process.
  6. A processing period between 14 and 15 days are required to process your Parachute operations Licence (POL) and you will be contacted via telephone to collect your new licence at the UCAA office.
  7. You’ll need to bring your identification documents at the time you collect you new driver’s license.

Required Documents For Apply for Parachute Operation Certificate

  • Conformity to operating standards and procedures as laid out in the manual on parachute operations accepted from the Authority.
  • Conformity with the requirements for currency established to be met by the Authority.
  • Any altitude that is higher than the mean sea level, at which the aircraft is operated in the event that parachutists fall or objects are released from the aircraft.
  • It is essential that the applicant has fulfilled the restrictions and privileges that are part of their authorization.
  • The position of the central point in the zone of drops is in relation to the closest airport city, town or airport.
  • Name of air traffic control facility that has control of the airspace around the altitude that is the initial intended exit to be used for parachute operation.
  • Name, address and numbers of the one who seeks the authorization or provides notice of the parachute’s operation.
  • The distance of drop zones surrounding the target is expressed by nautical miles.

Office Locations and Contact

Civil Aviation AuthorityPhone: +256 312/414 352000
Physical address: Airport Road Entebbe International Airport
The address for the postal envelope is: P.O. Box 5536 Entebbe, Uganda
Jurisdiction: National
Email Address:
Website:Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (excluding public holidays and weekends)


  • must be at the minimum 18 years of age
  • be capable of reading, speaking and comprehend the English language
  • be able to demonstrate a level of understanding that is appropriate for the privileges given to holders of an authorisation for parachute jumping and
  • adhere to the requirements of the Regulations which apply to the authorisation for parachute jumping required.


Application Fees: None Fee for License: As will be established by the Authority


Valid for one year.

  • A parachute operation certificate must be valid for the period that is specified in the certificate starting at the time of issue, but in all cases not longer than 12 consecutive months.

unless — There is an amendment to the parachute operations certificate Validity is based on the following:

  • (a)a shorter time frame is defined in the Authority;
  • (b)the Authority amends, suspends, cancels, or terminates the certificate
  • (c)the certificate holder gives that certificate Authority (c) the certificate holder surrenders it to the Authority
  • (d)the the holder of the certificate suspends operations.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Month


A person should not perform parachute operations unless the person:

  • is a holder of a parachute operations certification;
  • conforms to the privileges and restrictions of the authorization
  • Conforms to operating standards and procedures outlined in the manual on parachute operations that has been approved by the Authority and
  • Conforms to the requirements for currency set in the Authority.
  • A person is not allowed to conduct parachute-related operations unless they use a manual for parachute operations that has been approved from the Authority.

The Information You Need

  • Full names
  • Physical and postal addresses
  • Birth date and location
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Logbook of parachuting
  • Location information was approved by Authority.
  • Information on the requirements for Skill and Conditions of Authorization.
  • Authorization from the Air Traffic Control control unit in charge of the region of operation.
  • Permission from the control centre that is responsible for the zone of operation.
  • Details of the Licence currently in force (Place and Date of Issue, Type of Licence, number and expiry Date )
  • The parachute type’s Category (if needed) to which you need the Licence must be obtained.
  • Instrument Ratings held and the date of the test that was completed.
  • If not yet checked for and received a medical certificate as per The Civil Aviation Regulations
  • If you can read or write, speak, and comprehend the English language according to the English proficiency requirements in the Civil Aviation Regulations.
  • If you’ve satisfied all the requirements necessary for the certification of your parachute
  1. Declaration.
  2. Signature of the applicant.
  3. Date of application.

Information that could be helpful

The applicant must

  1. Check out the authority’s personnel licensure Offices to determine if you meet the requirements for eligibility.
  2. Pay the prescribed fee payable to the Licensing Authority.
  3. Fill in the prescribed application form with all the necessary documents.
  4. Make the appropriate payment and return the receipt of payment.
  5. You must wait for the processing time to expire, then get your parachute operation certification.

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