How to Apply for Charcoal Burning Licence In Uganda

Apply for Charcoal Burning Licence In Uganda By Online

  1. An application to obtain a Charcoal Burning Licenses must be sent by the National Forestry Authority.
  2. OR Send your application by mail to an official at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development by submitting your application to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development at the address below.
    Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
    National Forestry Authority
    Lot 10/20 Spring Road,
    P.O. 70863, Kampala – Uganda
  3. Once you have obtained authorization from National Forest Authority then visit the local district authorities (District Natural Resources Officer , or District Forestry Officer), to obtain their endorsement and stamp on the authorization.
  4. A charcoal burning license is granted to the applicant at the level of local government or District.


  1. The Licence for charcoal burning as per the Act is not a regulatory tool it is simply an income-generating Licence to an local authority.
  2. Charcoal burning is a process that can affect the safety of the environment of a community. Therefore, it is controlled by a body with the capability of managing the process.
  3. Different Local Government Revenues shall comprise in Charcoal Burning Licence

Required Documents For Apply for Charcoal Burning Licence

  • Movement license/permit.
  • Documentation of the possession of Uganda National Registration Card.
  • Selling license/permit
  • Declaration form
  • Felling permit
  • Permission from the Local District Authority
  • Permission Letter from the National Forestry Authority.
  • Permission from land owners.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Forestry AuthorityHead Offices,
10.20 Plot, Spring Road,
P.O. 70863, Kampala – Uganda
Telephone Contacts Phone Number: +256-312-264035/6
Web site: National forest authority

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
Amber House, Plot 29/33, Kampala Road
P.O.Box Kampala Uganda
Telephone : +256 414 344 414
Fax+256 414 234 732
Telephone +256 414 230 220
Web site: Ministry of energy.

Ministry of Local Government
Tel: +256-414-341224
Email :
Website: Ministry of Local government


Individuals and other stakeholders that are involved in the burning of charcoal.


  • The cost of a licence is Sh36,000 and is renewed every month.

Others charges

  • Fees charged for 60,000/year of trading license
  • District fees: 2,000+ (District office of the Forest)
  • Movement fees 54,000 (Movement permit)
  • Receipt Fees (General receipt) 70,000 (General receipt)
  • Town council 15,000 Town council 15,000
  • Security fees 2,000/day security fee
  • 500/per bag taxes


It is good for six months.

Processing Time

The process can take approximately 2-4 days


  • The policy does not permit cutting of trees such as Afzelia, Africana popularly referred to as Beyo and Shea nuts that are scarce and take a long time to develop.
  • In the new arrangement, charcoal dealers must be licensed for the production and transport of charcoal.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • National identification card.
  • Registered Address
  • Street/Road
  • Plot No
  • Telephone No.
  • District of residence

Information that could be helpful

  • Permits for movement can be obtained from the District Forest Office.
  • The charcoal burning licence has been streamlined to ensure that the activity is monitored for environmental impact from NEMA by District Environmental Officers.
  • There are inefficiencies in the field which need to be addressed. There is a lack of awareness from landowners regarding forest management , which raises doubts regarding the long-term sustainability of wood resources.
  • Inconsistency in the enforcement of existing policies and regulations.
  • Traditional and inefficient techniques for producing charcoal are still used extensively to burn charcoal.
  • While effective charcoal production technology are available in Uganda and in other countries, most charcoal burners don’t know about these technologies.
  • As has been mentioned before it is difficult in the enforcement of policy regulations regarding charcoal burning. Many charcoal burning companies do not have permits before burning charcoal.
  • The total of 34,474,888 bags are produced each year when you consider an average full-time charcoal maker, that amount of production could be employed by up to 95,764 producers of charcoal.

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