How to Apply for Construction Permit and Operating License In Bermuda

Apply for Construction Permit and Operating License In Bermuda by Online

  1. Gather all the documents required and then obtain the Construction permit as well as operating application form from the Bermuda Government’s Bermuda website: Website or via this hyperlink: Application Form
  2. How to Apply for Construction Permit and Operating License In Bermuda
    How to Apply for Construction Permit and Operating License In Bermuda
  3. Complete the application form in the correct manner and attach the required conditions to it.
  4. Go to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and submit your request to verify and process.
  5. Make payment for the application fee in the office of the clerk or through Cheques to the Accountant General.
  6. This application is published in the official gazette to allow any objection and the chance to make a counter-argument. The Department will also be able to call you to obtain more details.
  7. After the advertisement period, and if the department has been satisfied by your application Your permit will then be processed and will be issued to you.


  • In the event that the application has been done through a proxy, it should be supported by a signed letter from the person who owns the proxy who confirms that they are aware that the application is being submitted.
  • Applications may also be submitted via mail using the contact information that are listed in the “offices and addresses” section, but it is strongly recommended that you submit your application in person

For additional information please contact the Department through: email or visit

Required Documents  For Apply for Construction Permit and Operating License 

  • Complete the application form
  • A confirmation letter from the owner

Office Locations and Contacts

Physical Address:

Botanical Gardens:
Route 169 South Road, Paget
Bermuda DV 04
General Administration Building
30 Parliament St, Hamilton
Bermuda HM 12
Mailing Address
Hamilton HM CX, Bermuda
P.O. P.O. Box HM 834,
Phone: 239 2303


  • Citizens and residents


  • Operating license : $90 per year
  • Construction permit: $200


  • Operating license is good for one-year, and it can be renewed

Documents to Utilize

  • Operating license and construction permit application form: Application Formula


    • To apply for a construction permit , or operating license for a controlled plant it is necessary to complete the application and submit it along with the fee required.
    • Read the application carefully, fill in the application correctly and include all the necessary documents in order to avoid your application from being rejected.

    The Information You Need

    • Applicants details
    • Agent postal address and contact information
    • Details about the proposed location of controlled plant
    • Information on the kind of plant controlled
    • Information on generators for electricity
    • Information on sewage treatment facilities
    • Signature and Dates

    Need to have the Document

    • This permit is required for you to create and manage the operation of a controlled plan

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