How to Apply for Diplomatic or Service Passport In Benin

 Apply for Diplomatic or Service Passport In Benin By Online

  1. It is the first thing to do. go to the foreign ministry as well as the corporation office with the necessary documents (listed in the following) and make an appointment at the customer service desk.
  2. The documents will be transferred into the Chief of Protocol office. The office will examine the documents. If they are satisfied that the documents are valid and authentic, they will send a letter to you declaring that you satisfy the requirements set forth in the Citizenship and Immigration Regulations act of Benin.
  3. You should visit your local Directorate of Emigration and Immigration office near you, show the protocol document and get the application form.
  4. Complete the form and submit the supporting documentation (listed further below) to the official in charge to be verified and processed.
  5. Make sure you pay the application fees.
  6. Your biometric data (fingerprint, photo) will then be taken by an official at the office and You will then be issued with a receipt/acknowledgement slip, which you should carry with you and your original ID card when collecting the passport within 3 to 5 working days.

Required Documents For Apply for Diplomatic or Service Passport

  • Letter addressed to the ministry responsible for the
  • Attestation of presence at the post
  • Legalized replica of the national identification card.
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Nominations in the public service
  • Copies of appointments contracts (ACE)
  • Proof of receipt of payment
  • Three (03) passport photos on a white backgrounds
  • Other documents that could be required by an authorized official.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Emigration and Immigration:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the corporation
Address: 1278, avenue Jean-Paul II Quartier Zongo Nima
PO Box 03 BP 3380 COTONOU
Phone: (+229) 21 31 56 44
Fax: (+229) 21 31 36 10
Website: Link
Benin Ambassador and consulate around the world Link1


  • Benin citizens Benin who are an official in the Benin government or their dependent.


  • The cost of application is ranging from 30 and 35,000 CFA Francs


  • It is valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

  • Between 3 (03) to Five (05) Working days


Please ensure that the photos to passport applications are like this:

  • Recent and Clear photos shouldn’t be blurred nor have a dark shade and facial features must be clearly defined.
  • Photos of the full face and the ears are visible.
  • Photographs taken with white background.
  • The face’s size should be 3.5cm and 4.5cm.
  • Hair and weaves should not be covered over the forehead or any other part of the face.
  • Beautiful photos- women shouldn’t wear strappy and strapless tops.
  • Attach four photos.
  • Photos must not have shadows on the background.
  • Photographs should be taken with no spectacles.
  • Optic lenses shouldn’t be used unless you are able to present a medical document

Requirements Information

  • The details of the applicant
  • Contact details
  • Professional detail
  • Physical address information

Documentation is needed

  • A diplomatic passport issued to Benin government officials, delegate and their families, who travel abroad for diplomatic missions on behalf of Benin government officials. Benin government.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • The passport can serve to prove identification and citizenship.

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