How To Convert or Exchange a Foreign Driver License In Armenia

How To Convert or Exchange a Foreign Driver License In Armenia

To swap your license to an Armenia driver’s license for Armenia, you must apply in person at an Armenian Driving Test center. You must:

  • Do an eye test
  • Bring original proof of identification that shows you are legally named, the date of birth, your signature
  • Make sure you have your original valid driver’s license from a foreign country.
  • Bring any original documents to prove your driving skills
  • Pay the fees applicable
  • Fill out your application (where you’ll need to state how long you’ve been driving for)

There is a possibility that you will need to pass a written test or road test, before you can get your full license. It is contingent on the circumstances.

Documents Required Convert or Exchange a Foreign Driver License

  • Current driver’s license from an overseas country.
  • Identification proof
  • Documentation of your Armenian residence address
  • One document that displays your signature
  • Application fee

Office Locations and Contacts

The Police Department of the Republic of ArmeniaAddress 130 Nalbandyan St., Yerevan (0025).
Fax: +37410-54-73-14

How To Convert or Exchange a Foreign Driver License In Armenia
How To Convert or Exchange a Foreign Driver License In Armenia

Provincial divisions and departments that are part of Police of the Republic of Armenia

Traffic police, Police of the Republic of Armenia
Address: Isakovi Ave. 9 Building,
Yerevan 0015
Department of Vehicle Registration: (+374) 10 430295, (+374) 10 430298
Division of Drivers’ Licences: (+374) 10 430391
Car Registration Office: (+374) 10 430295, (+374) 10 430298
The Drivers’ License Office: (+374) 10 430391

Armenian Embassy


Embassy of foreign States within Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

  • You must reside of Armenia and have an address in Armenia that is permanent
  • You are required to surrender your foreign license , which will be returned to the authority that issued it.
  • International driving permits aren’t transferable


  • A foreign drivers license needs to:
    • It is valid
    • Display a date of expiry that is visible
    • The text should be to be written in Armenian language. If it’s not, you should have it translated by a licensed translator. The translation should be current and up to date within six months of the date the application for an Armenia license.
  • It is possible that you will need to pass certain driving tests prior to being able to obtain your full driver’s license. It is contingent on:
    • How long have you been driving for?
    • If the valid driver’s license was issued by a country that does or does’t possess an exchange deal with Armenia.

The Information You Need

  • Your names
  • Identification number.
  • The place of birth
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Permanent Address
  • Province
  • Category of license
  • Signature
  • Citizenship
  • Nationality

The document is needed

You can exchange your foreign driver’s license to get one of Armenia’s licenses. Armenian license.

To be Armenian newly-relocated residents current driving license has to be converted within three months of their residency. After 3 months, the foreign driving license becomes ineligible. In most cases, new permanent residents must undergo driving tests.

Information that could be helpful

The agent will take care of the application, examine your identity, take your photo and sample signature to be used for your license. verify your vision and schedule an appointment to take any practical or theory driving tests.

Other uses of the document/certificate

The law requires all owners of foreign driver’s license, who also hold an Armenian residency permit Armenia to exchange their driver’s license in exchange for an Armenian drivers’ license.

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Certain countries require the same driving skills and licensing systems as Armenian. The country you are from and the level of license you’re converting and converting to, you may not need to pass theory or practical tests. Some countries have license systems for drivers that differ from Armenian. In these countries, drivers need to pass both the test in theory and on the road.

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