How to Apply for Drainage (Sewer) Connection In India

Apply for Drainage (Sewer) Connection In India By Yourself

  1. To request an application for a sewer or drainage connection the applicant must go to the appropriate Director of Engineering Office of Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation in the area you live in.
  2. Before you apply, make sure to speak with the relevant authority on all the requirements to obtain the new drainage line.
  3. This form may be downloaded at the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation /Jal Board Head Office or Area Offices.
  4. The form can be downloaded online via this site. application form.
  5. In the completed form Complete all of the necessary information.
  6. Include a photocopy of all the documents required with an application form.
  7. Send the documents to the Office of the Divisional Engineer, Sewerage Department and receive an acknowledgement receipt.
  8. All documents are checked and if the applicant is deemed to be eligible then the applicant will be informed to pay the examination fees. The rejected applications are returned to applicants upon an announcement.
  9. Pay the service fees as directed, and then sign up your connection. You will receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  10. Request permission for road cutting from the department in question If needed.
  11. Your application will be forwarded to the relevant officer for the region for approval.
  12. Inspections of the premises will be carried out by authority officers, and any changes made to applications will be made known directly to applicants.
  13. Once all conditions and modifications have been accepted by the applicant, the work order for connection will be issued in conjunction with notification.


When filling out your application, or applying, make sure you go through the entire instructions on the application form.

Required Documents For Apply for Drainage (Sewer) Connection

  • NoC Rent Receipt in the case of tenant.
  • Copies of the last paid Water or Electricity Bills
  • A copy of the Last Paid House Tax Bill for Landlords.
  • Affidavit/Indemnity bond on the prescribed Proforma for Old Building.
  • NOC from MCD
  • NoC from DPCC
  • Layout Plan
  • Key Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Completion Plan
  • Certificate for rain water harvesting
  • Documents accepted as Proof of Ownership:
  • Electricity bills in the name of the Applicant(last 3)
  • Regd. Sale Deed
  • Regd. Perpetual Lease Deed
  • Regd. Conveyance Deed
  • Regd. GPA
  • Ntd. GPA with back chain complete
  • SPA which has a Regd/Ntd. Contract for Sale and will
  • Ownership of the property in favor of the applicant
  • Regd. Partition Deed and Regd. Family settlement
  • Regd. Relinquished Deed
  • Altmt ltr(pvt builder) with Regd Sale Deed
  • Altmt ltr(pvt builder) with Regd/Ntd. GPA
  • Altmt ltr(pvt builder),Regd/Ntd. Agrmt to sell
  • Rented proprty-Lease/Rent , NOC, Owned
  • DDA altment/mutation ltr/Land,Development Ltr
  • Interim Court order
  • Address proof and ID evidence of the applicant’s identity from the following:
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Regd Conveyance Deed
  • Passport
  • Ration card with applicant’s picture
  • Identification Card with a photo produced from the government agency of your choice. [ Link]
  • Bank Pass Book with applicant photo
  • Unique ID card[UID/Aadhar Card]


Other documents required must be provided if required. Keep the original and a photocopies of the required documents to allow cross-checks to be completed. Be sure to have the original documents on hand at the time of inspection.

Office Locations and Contacts

the DELHI JAL BOARD (HQ)Public Relations Office
Room No.306 3rd floor
Varunalaya Ph-II,Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi-110005.
Send an email to:
Contact numbers and the locations of


  • The building must have the proper rainwater harvesting plans.
  • Plumbing and building works need to be completed.
  • Water Tax must be paid to the date.


You can inquire about the following fees prior to applying:

  • Application fee form
  • Scrutiny Infractions
  • Charges for connection
  • Security Deposit
  • Sewerage Costs


The sewer line can function without issue as long as the charges are paid in full and the regulations are adhered to.

Processing Time

Processing time of New Sewer Connection id 15 days.


Please complete all mandatory fields before you submit the application.

Check that all valid information are supplied. When connecting If the details provided by the applicant is not valid, then no connection will be made and any charges already paid will not be refundable as an amount of penalty.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • The address of the property where sewer connection is required
  • Zonal Details
  • Building area details
  • Plumbing line details

Bank Details

The Document is required

  • Properly disposing of excrement and waste water is the most crucial aspects of maintaining the proper sanitation in a town or town. Biodegradable waste can be harmful to the environment and cause illnesses if you don’t properly dispose of them. It is the responsibility of each citizen to take appropriate steps to keep their country safe and clean.
  • Sewerage Connection is among the methods that permit citizens to connect their home’s wastewater to the public sewerage system. Then, the sewerage is cleaned and disposed of efficiently.
  • Sewerage Connection is a much more efficient method for sewage disposal than septic tanks, particularly in cities with high levels of population.

Information that could be helpful

  • Floor trap, gully and gratings need to be supplied in accordance with guidelines.
  • Don’t allow rainwater to flow into the sewer.
  • Don’t throw clothing and dishes, rags, broken crockery and pieces of food items, vegetables or cut pieces and so on. into sewer system.
  • Expand the size of the sewer depending on the amount of closets.


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