How To Apply for Driver License In Algeria

How To Apply for Driver License In Algeria

  • You must be over 17 years old age
  • Do you have an Algerian ID card or passport.
  • You must be a regular resident of Algeria.
  • You are not banned from driving mopeds or motor vehicles in the event of a court ruling. In addition, if you possess a license and it has not been confiscated or suspended.
  • Meet the physical and mental prerequisites for the type of license you’re applying for. To meet this requirement you’ll need physical and psychological aptitude report that is issued by an approved driver exam centre in the area where you’re seeking a license. Additionally, you will need to present a recent photo of you.
  • You must be declared competent to drive by the authorities in your local area or region. To where you have to take a series of practical and theoretical tests that correspond to the type of license requested.

The goal of these tests is to prove that you are well-versed in the Highway Code, with traffic and road safety rules as well as with basic mechanics.

Documents that are required Driver License

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs with no head.
  • A photocopy of your identification number.
  • Original medical certificate with photocopy

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT01, Chemin Ibn Badis El-Mouiz Ex Poirsson,
El-Biar, Algiers 16300
Tel. : +213 (0) 21 92 98 85/86/87

What Are All The Eligibility

Age 17 years old

Examples of Documents

Driving in Algeria.pdf


  • It’s an excellent idea to enroll at a driving school , where you can receive assistance and details on the steps that are required for obtaining an Algerian driving license along with instruction for you to pass your test for driving.
  • Also, you will be informed about the various kinds of driving licenses that are available.
  • Do not be barred from driving mopeds or motor vehicles pursuant to the direction of a judge.

In addition, if you have a valid license that is valid, it should not be suspended or taken away.

The Information You Need

  • I D / Passport No.
  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Medical certificate

Documentation is needed

Before you can drive motor vehicles and to make sure that you’re competent to drive you should get the appropriate driving licence by contacting the appropriate authorities. Drivers must have an active licence always.

Information that can be useful

Respect for other motorists and pedestrians requires respecting road safety and traffic laws.
It is , therefore, essential to be aware of these rules.

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How To Apply for Driver License In Algeria
How To Apply for Driver License In Algeria


The traffic is driven to the right. The roads are generally decent. Any vehicle that travels in the desert must be in good mechanical order because breakdown facilities are essentially absent.
Travellers should carry plenty of petrol and water.
Road travel (outside Algiers) in northern Algeria is not recommended particularly after dark.

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