How To Apply for Family Status Book In Algeria

How To Apply for Family Status Book In Algeria

What is the procedure to submit: In person By Yourself:

  1. An application file is submitted to any municipal or administrative district or daira in the same wilaya, or with the consular office of the country of residency in Algeria or elsewhere.
  2. The applicant should go to the above offices in accordance with the required documents, go to the service desk and ask for assistance
  3. Fill in the exact application form, and attach all required documents. Then, submit them.

Application for online use:

  1. The applicant should go to the ministry of interior’s local site for community and local planning or click the following URL : online application
    How To Apply for Family Status Book In Algeria
    How To Apply for Family Status Book In Algeria

  2. Click on the other services on the homepage and choose to request the national identification card.
  3. Take the time to read the instructions carefully, and then click the next page.
  4. You must enter your identification number(NIN) along with your passport biometric number in order for you to conduct the search.
  5. Input all of the necessary information and upload your digital image
  6. It is necessary to enter your mobile number in order to receive a short SMS (SMS) that informs you of the time and date of receipt of the national identity card.

Documents that are required Family Status Book

  • Biometric passport
  • National identity card

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Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior, local community and local planning:
Adresse :Palais du gouvernement, 01 Rue Dr SAADANE ALGER
Telephone: +213
Algeria Consular and diplomatic representation in the world : Algrien

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Algeria citizens aged 18 or older who possess a valid biometric passport as well as an ID card residing in Algeria or elsewhere


  • Cost 2500 Algerian Dinar

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  1. You should have a biometric passport.
  2. The information that will appear on your National Biometric Identity Card, will be printed in your passport biometric.
  3. You should provide your current address,
  4. Enter your mobile number to receive, following the creation on your National Biometric Identity Card, an SMS notification informing you of the time and the location for receipt of your document.
  5. The next screen, you must enter the National Identity Number “NIN” and the number from your biometric passport. You can then view and confirm your initial name, and address.

The Information You Need

  • Biometric Passport number
  • Residence of the place
  • Number of identification for the nation (NIN)
  • Address of residence at the moment
  • Applicant names
  • Mobile/ phone number

Documentation is needed

  • The biometric ID card can be described as an identity card that has an electronic chip that contains information printed on your normal valid national identification card and on your biometric passport.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • Access to private and public electronic services — particularly e-Government services — via web-based portals is protected through electronic authentication and a signing certificate that is issued by card’s issuing authority

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