How To Apply for Driver Permit or License In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Apply for Driver Permit or License In Antigua and Barbuda

  1. The first step is to obtain a permit to learn before beginning your classes.
  2. You’ll have to collect the documents listed below and then fill out the application form at the transportation board. This will cost you $50.
  3. Once you have your permit you can take driving lessons from an instructor who is licensed, and preferably enroll yourself into a driving school.
  4. After many classes, you’ll asked to take two tests, an oral test and the theory test, which you must pass. The pass rate for written exams of 75 percent.
  5. The driver’s license is issued once you’ve passed your test.

Documents Required Driver Permit or License

  • A valid passport
  • A passport size photo
  • A medically valid certificate from the doctor
  • A completed form for learners permits.
  • A cost

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Works and TransportSt. John’s Street
St. John’s, Antigua
Local Number: (268) 462-0890
International Téléphone: (268) 462-2953

Governor General’s Office
Church Street
St. John’s, Antigua Local Telephone: (268) 462-0003.
International Téléphone: (268) 462-0003

For other contact information, follow this link:

What Are All The Eligibility

Any resident of the age of 16 or over who are medically fit enough to be able to drive within Antigua or Barbuda.


A driver’s licence can come with an expiration of three or one years.


for writing an Theory Test

  • Students must have proof of a valid learners’ permit.
  • You must be present in the exam space fifteen (15) minutes prior to the time for the exam.
  • You must have either a pencil or pen which to write
  • You must turn off cell phones as well as all other electronic device while you take the test.
  • Reschedule the test if you are suffering from influenza or other diseases that might affect the performance on the test. You must present a valid permit to collect the results of the test written

To take the practical Exam

  • Students must pass the theory test.
  • Students must show receipts of payment to reserve an appointment
  • Students must have completed at least 40 hours of instruction from a recognized driving school
  • Students are not allowed to wear slippers to the test.
  • You must have a medical certification that confirms the suitability of taking the test in case you are pregnant.

The document is needed

A driver’s license or permit is a legal document that allows a person to operate motorized vehicles. If you drive with no valid driver’s permit is a crime punishable under the law of Antigua and Barbuda

Information that could be helpful

Driver’s license classes that are issued by Antigua as well as Barbuda:

  • Motorcycle driver’s license
  • Private driver’s license
  • Chauffeur’s license

Other uses for the document/certificate

In certain instances, a driver’s license is used to prove authenticity.

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How To Apply for Driver Permit or License In Antigua and Barbuda
How To Apply for Driver Permit or License In Antigua and Barbuda

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