How To Apply for Driving License In Andorra

How To Apply for Driving License In Andorra

  1. Apply for a driving license applications.
  2. Make sure to submit all required documents (stated in the following).
  3. You can take a practical exam with an official examiner. This is for those who are unable to obtain the required certification from the country you are in.
  4. Another option is taking the Andorran driving test if the documents are not available as demanded.
  5. Pay the fine if get stopped by the police.

Documents that are required Apply for Driving License

  • an application form for local applications that has been completed.
  • an official medical document from a doctor in the area
  • A recent, color passport-sized photograph
  • Original and photocopies on both sides of the driving license issued by a foreign country and
  • A translation official for the text of the driver’s license is not translated in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.Except for these states: Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Ireland, Holland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland or (as of November 10, 2010), United Kingdom.

Additional documents that need to be legalized or apostilled:

  • an authenticated certificate given by the Department responsible for issuing a licence to drive in the state where it was issued
  • A certificate issued by the department. It is the same Department which clarifies the various categories of the driver’s license. Be sure to include the maximum weights that are permitted within these categories.

Office Locations and Contacts

Government of AndorraC. Prat de la creu, 62-64
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Switchboard: +376 875 700
Atenci ciutadana: 150

What Are All The Eligibility

  • For residents who are passive in Andorra They must be able to have one year following the date of their arrival in Andorra before they can apply to get a driver’s license in exchange for the current one(from the country from which they came).
  • Each applicant has to be registered at the regional Comu in the area in which the applicant lives. He will need the following documents including an application form for local residents along with a medical report from a local physician, an up-to-date color passport-sized photograph Original and photocopies on both sides foreign driving licence as well as an official translation in the event that the language of the driving license is not written in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.


Fine fee: 60

Documents to Utilize

Need to have the Document

An Andorran driving licence permits active and passive residents of Andorra to legally operate their own registered vehicle.

Information that can be useful

The test of theory is not easy , and it tests the ability to think through English. English translation.

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