How to Apply for Dual Citizenship In Norway

Apply for Dual Citizenship In Norway By Online

  1. If you are a foreign national citizen who wishes to become Norwegian, see if you meet the requirements to be able to hold dual citizenship and see if you are eligible to apply for a Norwegian Citizenship:
  2. If you’re qualified to apply for Norwegian Citizenship, then you’ll be required to follow the following steps to apply for citizenship
    1. Register your application for citizenship online through the Application Portal Norway:
    2. If you apply online, you will pay the fee in one go and schedule an appointment for the submission of required documents to your local police.
    3. Anyone who is unable to submit their application online have to complete the form. The completed form should be submitted to the police along with the required documents.
    4. In cities with large populations, there’s usually a designated police station for such demands. You can contact the police for information on what time and where you can deliver the application and documents. To contact the police:
    5. The fee can be paid online after you have registered your application. You can also pay the police after you turn in your documents.
    6. After the application is accepted after which the police will verify whether it was completed properly and the documents are in order. they’ll then forward your application for review by Directorate of Immigration. Directorate of Immigration for a decision.
    7. You will receive an automatic notification via mail that officials from the immigration department have accepted your request. The notice will include information regarding the processing time for your case.
    8. If your citizenship application is rejected, you are able to challenge the ruling. The appeals against rejections should be made to the same address where you submitted your application. This is where the Immigration Appeals Board is the appeals body.

If a Norwegian citizen gains another citizenship in which the Norwegian citizenship does not disappear the person is deemed to have the dual citizenship.

Required Documents For Apply for Dual Citizenship


Dual citizenship is the case when the citizen of a foreign country wishes to be Norwegian

If you want to become an Norwegian citizen, it is required to be a fundamental requirement to give up any other citizenship. There are, however, exceptions to this requirement and dual citizenship is permitted:

  • The law of the applicant’s home country doesn’t allow citizens to be exiled from their citizenship or even if they are deemed impossible.
  • The authorities of that former homeland have refused the request for release.
  • In order to protect one’s security reasons, the person applying is not obliged to contact the authorities of their home country to apply to make an application for release.
  • More than a year has passed from the time Norwegian citizenship was conferred or when the applicant was of the age when it becomes feasible to get release pursuant to the laws of the country where they were born, however the release granted is not recorded and the country of origin has not provided any details regarding the expected processing times. If it is established that the applicant’s previous home country fails to respond to applications for release from citizenship, an exemption could be granted to satisfy the requirement to release in connection with the grant the granting of Norwegian citizenship.
  • The authorities in the applicant’s previous home country have imposed unreasonable demanding terms for the release of the applicant. The question of whether the cost for release is unreasonable will be determined by examining the normal income. If the amount charged is more than four percent of the income of the applicant and the fee for release is considered to be unreasonable burdensome. The same is true for those who are in charge of the child’s care who are less than 18 years old, and the release cost (including any release fees) for children, is more than two percent of the applicant’s income. A release fee that is not exceeding NOK 2,500 is considered as burdensome in any way. For orphans, any fee for release is considered to be unreasonable burdensome.


  • If a child is a Norwegian citizen after notification, renunciation of citizenship is not required.
  • While Norwegian laws is founded on the idea the concept that dual citizenship isn’t permissible, Norwegian authorities cannot determine what the laws in your country of residence says regarding citizenship. If you have any questions about your citizenship, it is best to contact the appropriate authorities in your country of residence or your country’s High Commissioner or embassy in Norway or in another country.

Two citizenships in the event the Norwegian obtains a different citizenship

The Norwegian citizen who was granted citizenship in a different country following an application for it, given the notification of becoming an official citizen of another country, or has expressly accepted to be citizens of a different country automatically loses Norwegian citizenship. This is also the case when children become citizens of a different country due to the parent’s/guardians’ request or consent.

To know more about Loss of Norwegian citizenship by new citizenship:

If an Norwegian citizen gains another citizenship, but the Norwegian citizenship does not disappear the two citizenships are allowed.


Citizenship – 3.500 NOK

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

The UDI’s processing times for cases will always differ based on the number of cases it receives. There are links to pages that give an overview of the anticipated cases processing times for each diverse situations.

Do I need to request my application is prioritised?

The majority of applicants want the processing of their requests to go quicker. To ensure equality however, we are unable to prioritise applications, except for specific circumstances regarding the application that need to be taken into consideration.

Certain applications are handled by the police department or Foreign Service missions. Unfortunately they are not able to provide any information about their process. Immigration Authority cannot give any general information on the processing time of their cases. It is possible to inquire when you make your application. The process usually happens faster in the event that the police department or foreign service mission is handling the case.

What time does case processing process begin?

The processing times for cases listed in this section outline how long it takes from the time an application being submitted to the foreign service or police mission until we have the decision. The foreign service or police mission typically sends applications to the UDI within one week. However, in some instances applications could be held longer in the hands of the police or Foreign Service Mission. The processing time for a case could later be more than what is stated.

  • Note: The majority of applicants want their cases to be processed as fast as they can, so the Immigration Authority request that you don’t contact them to verify what is happening with your application before the time limit for processing is over. This will enable them to devote more time handling cases rather than answering your questions.

The prioritization process for cases

For the sake of treating applicants as fair as is possible To ensure that applicants are treated as fairly as possible, in order to guarantee fair treatment, Immigration Authority will only prioritize an application when there is a compelling reason to do so. If you believe your situation is exceptional, you should contact the UDI by written form (letter or email) in order we can evaluate the merits of your

Need to have the Document

Dual citizenship is when you are citizens in more than one nation. In other words, you could have two citizenships: the first through mother, and one through your father.

If you have dual citizenship, you are obligated and have rights to two states. If you choose to abdicate your previous citizenship, you’ll only be bound by the laws of Norway.

Rights associated to dual citizenship

  • You are entitled to two passports. Norwegian permits won’t however be stamped on your foreign passport as you are an Norwegian citizen.
  • You have the right to protection from diplomatic threats along with consular help from the authorities of both countries.
  • You will be considered an official Norwegian citizen, on similar level to others Norwegian citizens.

Be aware that it might take a lot of effort to get Norwegian authorities to grant you diplomatic protection when you are living in a different country where you are also a resident.



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