How to Apply for Electronic Visa (e-visa) In Benin

 Apply for Electronic Visa (e-visa) In Benin By Online

Step 1: Visit the E-visa Benin platform on the website Linkto start the application procedure.
step 2: Click on the New request, then enter your name, email address, and confirm the address once more, and then click send.
Step 3: Your request will be considered and a secure confirmation URL will be provided to you via the email that you signed up with.
Step 4: Click the link to begin the application process.
Step 5: complete all the categories that are marked with red asterisks on this application i.e. personal data, visa data, Travel data, passport data.
Step 6: Double check the application form once more and confirm that all details are correct, then click submit.
Step 7: You will be taken to the next webpage with an overview of the data you provided, allowing you to check it again to ensure that the information is correct. Click on submit data.
Step 8: Then pay your visa fee using your credit or debit card, and then submit.
Step 9: Your request is then verified and processed. You will be informed of the result of your application by mail.
Step 10: Go to the Benin the embassy you submitted your application through, along with your passport, to obtain the visa.

Required Documents For Apply for Electronic Visa (e-visa)

  • Valid passport
  • Credit/debit cards

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration:
Ministry of Interior, Public Security
BP 925
Tel: (229) 21 30 11 06/21 30 19 96/21 30 19 85
Fax: (229) 21 30 01 59
Website : Link
Liste of diplomatic missions in Berlin Links


  • All foreigners


  • Visa fees varies (USD 60 – 115) depending on entries)


  • It is the Benin e-Visa is an Single Entry or Multiple Entry visa that is valid from 30 days from the date of arrival up to up to 90 days following arrival, based on required visa type.
  • The validity period begins upon arrival . It allows applicants to stay not more than the period stipulated on the electronic Visa.

Processing Time

  • Within 24 hours

Requirements Information

  • Personal information
  • Visa data
  • Travel data
  • Passport data
  • Email address

The document is needed

  • The Benin’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and immigration has introduced electronic visas (e-visa) application process to allow rapid and easy application of the visa for a foreign citizens to permit them to travel to Benin.

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