How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Gabon

How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Gabon

The first step is to contact your local Gabon Embassy, high commission or consulate to determine whether you are required to make an appointment.You should bring:

  • A completed emergency travel document application form.
  • A recent photo of you one that is colored.
  • Proof about your plans for travel such as booking confirmations (or detailed travel plans written down in the event that you are unable to make reservations in advance)
  • You should file a police report in the event that you believe your passport was stolen or lost.
  • There is the fee in local currency equivalent of 4000 Francs.

The consulate or embassy staff will determine if you qualify to apply for an emergency travel certificate. If not they will explain the reason. The document may be issued at the time you submit your application when your situation is straightforward. It could be longer if your situation is more 2 weeks , based on the complexity of the situation.This could require you or alter how you travel.

The emergency travel certificate is only valid for the trip you indicated when applying and for a certain duration.

  • This will be noted on the document.Your current Gabon visa will then be cancelled in the majority of instances.
  • The immigration authorities could keep your emergency travel documentation once you reach the destination.

To leave Gabon with an Emergency Travel Document, you must go to this department Documentation and Immigration Office to complete the formalities for exit. There are some passport offices that are not located in Libreville could be helpful, however, most likely, you’ll need to finish the formalities at the National Headquarters in Libreville.

Documents that are required Emergency Travel Document

  • Application form completed
  • Four passport size photographs
  • A photocopy of your passport If you own one and it must be current for an minimum of six months from your entry date into Gabon.

You can contact the Gabon Embassy in the home country for more details regarding emergency travel documents

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign affairs, Cooperation, Francophonie & Regional Integration

Bote Postale 2245,


Phone : +241 (1) 727-600or

Phone +241 1 742-370

Fax: +241(1) 742-375

Gabons embassies, consulates, or high commissions in other countries. A list of these plus their contacts can be downloaded from

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A travel document for emergencies is issued to citizens of Gabon who is in an emergency situation and is not in compliance with the requirements for obtaining the passport.
  • This document can also be issued to those who are stuck in a foreign country and is unable to obtain an identity card or be deported back to their home country.


A one-way emergency travel permit is provided at a cost of $160.


  • A travel authorization for emergency purposes must be valid for:
  • for the country of destination as well as for other countries of transit;
  • to a single trip within an amount specified therein generally for a week

Processing Time

The process is only one week.


  • It is necessary to submit your application in person and provide evidence that you require an emergent travel document.

Requirements Information

  • An interview is required at the Embassy to be scheduled, at the earliest three days prior to the flight date that is confirmed.
  • Two (2) passport size photos
  • Evidence that proves Gabon citizenship i.e. Gabon old passport as well as a national Identity Card.
  • Police Report if your passport is lost.
  • Confirmed flight reservation/ticket.

The Document is required Emergency Travel Document

  • It’s possible to be enthralled by going to a foreign country when you’re planning a trip, but there are times when the situation isn’t always so great and you have to travel due to a fatal illness or the sudden loss of loved ones. It’s important to be aware the emergency travel document (passport) can be obtained and that there are systems that can help you with things like booking plane tickets fast and conveniently.
  • A travel authorization for emergency situations allows you to leave an additional country in the event that you are unable to find a replacement or new Gabon passport on time for travel.
  • It is possible to make an application for an emergency document (sometimes called the emergency passport) when you’re an Gabonese citizen who is not from in the Gabon or if your passport was lost, stolen damaged, stolen, or expired.You must first attempt renewal or replacement of your passport in the event that it has expired or has been damaged. Apply the emergency passport if you have to travel until you are able to obtain a replacement.
  • A travel document for emergencies allows individuals to depart from the nation you’re in and get to your destination through any of the countries. The emergency travel document may also be used to cover a return trip for those who reside in the country you are applying to. A travel document for emergencies doesn’t ensure entry into every country. You might also require an entry visa. You’ll need to check with the consulate or embassy of the country you’re planning to travel to.

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How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Gabon
How To Apply for Emergency Travel Document In Gabon



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